Defect Evolution and Neutron Fluence Rate Effects from Neutron Exposure

Our interest in nuclear data extends from the nuclear interaction itself into the results from the subsequent electronic interactions of the recoil products. Thus, we have research efforts that investigate the evolution of more complex defects from the initial recoil atoms using molecular dynamics (MD) and density functional theory (DFT). Much of our research focuses on electronic materials, such as silicon, GaAs, and GaN, but we also look at radiation embrittlement of structure materials, such as the iron in light water reactor pressure vessels. We examine, from a theoretical and experimental perspective, the equivalence of ion irradiations and neutron irradiations and support standards development by ASTM E10.08 – Procedures for Neutron Radiation Damage Simulation. Our interest extends beyond the time regimes explored by MD into modeling that used kinetic Monte Carlo kMC) approaches and mean field rate theory (MFRT).

Contact: Edward Bielejec