August 14, 2020

WIP class takes a look at an MK-5 weapon

Weapon Intern Program graduates 25th class

Sandia’s Weapon Intern Program has graduated 25 classes in 22 years. The program was created in 1998 to accelerate the learning process and transfer decades of knowledge and experience in all phases of the nuclear weapon lifecycle, from experienced weaponeers to the new generation of stockpile stewards.

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Scott Aeilts on a fishing trip

COVID-19 came through the door

Despite following pandemic restrictions both in and outside his home, Associate Labs Director Scott Aeilts recently was diagnosed with COVID-19, following a visit from a family friend. Describing his experience, Scott discusses the important role adhering to Sandia's COVID-19 protocols plays in protecting the workforce.

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before and after photo of stucco wall repair

Tracking warranties creates efficiencies

The Facilities team launched a new warranty recovery management program last year to track warranties on purchases of goods and services for Sandia. The program has been very successful, easing the tracking burden for managers and saving the Labs at least $1 million in cost avoidance since it began.

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man working from home on laptop

Today’s virtual reality

Sandia's annual Safety & Health Month and Financial Wellness Month events went virtual this year due to social distancing requirements. Attendance at the events set new records as employees joined in to find helpful resources and connect with others.

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