February 15, 2019

Scientist adjusts the Sandia Multiplexed Photo-ionization Mass Spectrometer

Digesting hydrocarbons

Volatile organic compounds can be found in the air — everywhere. Sources such as plants, cooking fuels and household cleaners emit these compounds directly, and they're also formed in the atmosphere. Sandia researchers and colleagues from other institutions have investigated the reactions of hydrocarbons to understand their impact on the atmosphere’s ability to process pollutants.

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Man polishing periodic table inlaid on museum floor

International Year of the Periodic Table

Proclaimed the “International Year of the Periodic Table” by the United Nations General Assembly and UNESCO, 2019 marks the 150th anniversary of Dimitri Mendeleev’s publication of a periodic table that arranges the elements by atomic mass.

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Warren Davis stands in front of large computer panel

Three Sandia Labs researchers earn national honors in leadership and technology

Three Sandia researchers were honored for their leadership and technical achievements at the 2019 Black Engineer of the Year STEM Global Competitiveness Conference. Warren Davis, Quincy Johnson and Olivia Underwood received their awards during the conference in Washington, D.C. The annual meeting recognizes black scientists and engineers and is a program of the national Career Communications Group, which advocates for corporate diversity.

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Lisa Gordon-Hagerty talks with Sandia executives

NNSA administrator visits Sandia, Jan. 29

Lisa Gordon-Hagerty, DOE undersecretary for nuclear security, visited Sandia/New Mexico on Jan. 29. During the visit, Gordon-Hagerty toured some of Sandia's facilities and met with early career staff members to discuss the role of the national labs’ next-generation researchers.

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