Sandia LabNews

Underground tests dig into how heat affects salt-bed repository behavior

Scientists launch a yearslong experiment intended to refine computer models and inform policymakers on spent nuclear fuel disposal.

1 day. 3 rockets. 23 experiments.

Sandia conducts hypersonic weapons research at blistering pace.

Sandia-operated Arctic measurement facility moved, research to continue

Look back on eight years of collecting critical data on the North Slope of Alaska.

Providing resilient power

Sandia, Emera Technologies and Kirtland Air Force Base partnered to demonstrate microgrid technology that could make power more reliable in neighborhoods, military bases, hospitals and more.

Demystifying inclement weather notifications

Learn about the types of messages that Sandians may receive as wintry weather hits.

One year, many successes

The Mentor-Protégé Program finished its first year of making a big impact on small businesses.

The rise of rudeness

Studies show that workspace incivility is on the rise. How do we manage it?

NNSA principal deputy administrator visits Sandia

A group from NNSA toured the Labs to learn more about the national security work performed at Sandia in support of their mission.