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Investigating stockpile stewardship applications for world’s largest computer chip

Researchers from Sandia, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore national labs plan to investigate application of the computer chip to accelerate advanced simulation and computing in support of the nation’s stockpile stewardship mission.

Photovoltaics researchers release five-year, early-life module degradation study

In the last decade, the cost of photovoltaic modules has declined by 85%. Sandia researchers take a closer look to determine whether these savings impact the modules' durability and reliability over time.

Great Minds in STEM salutes Sandian

Mechanical engineer Frank DelRio will be honored for his technical achievements at the Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards conference.

Answering the call

Lab News asked several Sandians about their support of the mission and what it means to them. Read their stories.

Making history in wind studies

Sandia’s SWiFT facility reopens with two heavily instrumented meteorological towers and three Vestas V27 wind turbines.

Solve for X Day draws staff from many sites

On Oct. 15, more than 200 volunteers from Sandia participated in the annual volunteer day in support of this year's Sandia Gives campaign.