Sandia LabNews

Testing sensors in fog to make future transportation safer

The fog facility at Sandia enables researchers to test new technology, like self-flying vehicles, in conditions that mimic nature.

Sandia cooks material-storage containers to assess fire safety

After a series of tests that mimic a raging-hot fire, the team found that their sealed, stainless steel containers did not break open.

Labs-directed research drives innovation to advance fusion ignition

In August, Sandia developed diagnostic sensors and imagers that contributed to a groundbreaking experiment at the National Ignition Facility.

Multicultural Sandia program in fusion energy attracted interns’ eyes

The new program offers personal attention, practice with outstanding equipment and new possibilities to undergraduate students.

COVID-19 and the Navajo Nation

President Jonathan Nez updated the Labs on COVID-19 and other challenges within the Navajo Nation during his talk on Nov. 8.

Celebrating native culture at Sandia during Native American Heritage Month

Stan Atcitty explains tribal energy sovereignty, and brothers John and Cheston Bailon share a favorite recipe. The American Indian Outreach Committee hosts events throughout the month.

Veterans Day celebration honors service members

During the celebration on Nov. 11, keynote speaker Maj. Gen. Heidi Brown reflected on how Sandia’s work influenced her career in the Army.

Navigating gift exchanges during the holidays

Read these tips and rules from the Ethics team before holiday shopping for your co-workers and customers.

DOE Deputy Secretary David M. Turk visits California site

Labs leadership welcomed Turk, NNSA Administrator Jill Hruby and others during a visit on Nov. 1.