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Advanced materials in a snap

A Sandia research team has successfully used machine learning — computer algorithms that improve themselves by learning patterns in data — to complete cumbersome materials science calculations more than 40,000 times faster than normal.

Susan Seestrom: advancing science and engineering

Susan Seestrom, associate laboratories director for advanced science and technology and Sandia chief research officer, has been named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science for her pathbreaking work in nuclear physics and her leadership.

Engineering showcase sparks innovation

With the help of almost a dozen members of the workforce, Sandia was able to successfully lead the 2020 Sandia Engineering Design Award for undergraduate students who participated in the Engineering Design Showcase at the University of California, Davis, held virtually due to the pandemic.

A season for giving

At a time when many are struggling with the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Volunteers from the Labs' California site led efforts again this year to collect donated coats and toys for charitable campaigns.

Big Gives

In an extraordinary year that tore many at the Labs away from their extended family and work colleagues, Sandia employees came together to support charities and projects that contribute to resilience within its New Mexico and California communities.