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Pulling together while standing apart

When Sandia’s Albuquerque campus shifted predominantly to telework in consonance with the New Mexico governor’s stay-at-home order, it added a whole new level of complexity and pressure to Sandia's Mobile Guardian Transport project team. Faced with the challenge, they found new ways to work together while staying safe from COVID-19.

Printing face shields for the front lines

Teens who learned to build 3D printers during a weeklong robotics camp at Sandia last year have used them to make more than 3,000 face shields that have been donated to medical professionals and first responders in New Mexico.

Breaking down the memory-speed bottleneck

This spring, Labs researchers anticipate Sandia becoming one of the first DOE laboratories to receive the newest A64FX Fujitsu processor, a Japanese Arm-based processor optimized for high-performance computing.

Sandia collects $250K for Native American neighbors

When COVID-19 began ravaging Native American communities in the southwest in April, a sense of urgency started to mount for Sandia tribal government relations program manager Laurence Brown. He and other volunteers sparked a grassroots effort that led to a Labs-wide fundraising drive, resulting in donations of more than $250,000 for the Native American Relief Fund.

EMS Environmental Excellence Awards

This April 22 marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Though Sandians were unable to celebrate onsite, the Labs’ annual Environmental Management System Environmental Excellence Awards honored those who help to reduce ecological impacts, in the spirit of resource conservation and environmental protection.

A day in the life at 70 + 1 — Sandia copes with COVID-19

Last year, we celebrated Sandia’s 70th birthday with pride, honoring the Labs’ response to seven decades of challenges. At the time, we had no idea of the dramatic world events that would be in store for us in year 71. Labs photojournalist Randy Montoya captures Sandians at work under the restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

Protecting those who protect the community

Sandia/California mechanical engineer Helena Jin and other members of the Tri-Valley Chinese American Community volunteer group have launched an initiative to provide local hospitals and essential businesses with donated masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, disinfectants and other essential products.

Sew many masks

In between Skype meetings and other daily work, many employees at Sandia’s Albuquerque campus are helping the community with homemade masks at a time when personal protective equipment is in short supply and reserved primarily for medical staff.

American Indian Outreach Committee delivers

Between May 2-9, more than 200 pounds of beans, 150 pounds of rice and nearly 300 rolls of toilet paper were delivered to Zuni Pueblo by Sandia’s American Indian Outreach Committee. The group also delivered canned goods, facemasks, cases of water and prayers.

Ken Gillen earns lifetime achievement award

Sandia chemist Ken Gillen (retired) recently received the prestigious 2020 Melvin Mooney Distinguished Technology Award, in part for his contributions to Sandia’s polymer aging project. The award honors recipients for their “exceptional technical competence by making significant and repeated contributions to rubber technology.”