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Labs director urges staff to answer the call

Labs Director James Peery urged the workforce during an all hands meeting last week to accelerate nuclear weapons modernization as China multiplies its arsenal and Russia threatens nuclear war.

Using the power of the sun to roast green chile

If widely adopted in New Mexico, replacing propane chile roasters with solar-powered roasters could save about 7,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions — the equivalent of driving 1,700 cars for a year.

Pipelines for progress

A new program at Sandia builds academic partnerships with historically Black colleges and universities, creating an employee-recruiting pipeline for some of the strongest engineering talent in the U.S.

Interns volunteer at local food bank

Sandia interns packed more than 400 boxes of food for Roadrunner Food Bank.

Dedication, curiosity earn chemist DOE Early Career Research Award

Chemist Krupa Ramasesha is one of four Sandians who will receive up to $500,000 per year for five years to advance their research.

Expedition above the Arctic Circle

Engineer Fred Helsel and technologist Valerie Sparks recount their journey north of the Arctic Circle over frozen tundra and through avalanche-ridden passes to support Sandia research.

Pet drive success

The Homeward Bound pet drive, organized by Advancing the Next Generation of Leadership Excellence, donated food, dog toys, blankets, collars and treats to local nonprofits that serve homeless animals.

Hands-on STEM

Albuquerque students launched Mentos volcanoes, made liquid nitrogen ice cream and more during Sandia’s 36th annual HMTech program.