Sandia LabNews

Restoring power to the grid

Computer scientists created a model to help grid operators quickly restore power to the electric grid after a complete disruption.

Guided by ‘a responsibility to act,’ environmental stewards tidy up Tech Area III

The group has removed more than 3,700 tons of leftover materials from large-scale tests.

Bringing STEM to the UNM Children’s Hospital

Chief Information Officer John Zepper demonstrated the similarities between the human body and computers on his recent visit to the hospital.

Economic impact: Sandia Labs tops $4.2B in spending for first time, added 480 jobs in FY 22

The Labs’ purchasing power benefits regional, national economies through labor, subcontracts and other expenditures.

Military Liaison anniversary

Sandia’s oldest department celebrates 75 years.

MLK Day celebration

IDEA and the Black Leadership Committee hosted a celebration last week, featuring guest speaker La Vonda Bowens-Woodard.

NATO visits the Labs

NNSA and Labs leadership hosted the NATO Nuclear Planning Group Staff Group to share how Sandia ensures the U.S. nuclear deterrent is always ready when it needs to be and never when not intended.

Mechanical engineer harnesses power of the sun to fight climate change

Evan Bush is passionate about unlocking longer-term energy storage technologies that can positively affect the energy grid’s reliability and stability.