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With redesigned ‘brains,’ W88 nuclear warhead reaches milestone

Sandia and its nuclear security enterprise partners redesigned the W88 Alt 370 arming, fuzing and firing assembly to improve radar, communication, guidance and other key safety and security components.

Remote high-voltage sensor unveiled at Sandia gamma ray lab

Scientist Israel Owens developed a tiny crystal and laser that can safely measure up to 20 million volts and accurately define the energies of gamma rays, like those generated by the HERMES accelerator.

Sandia joins 16 national labs on transgender-inclusive, name-change process for papers

The new process addresses the administrative and emotional difficulties that transgender researchers experience when initiating name-change requests with each publisher of their past papers.

NM kids to benefit from Sandia’s computer donation program

Representatives from 17 schools in New Mexico visited Sandia this month to pick up used desktop computers, laptops, tablets, keyboards and other equipment.

HR Focus: A brave new world

Whether working from home or on site, Sandians can improve the hybrid work experience for their teams by practicing these tips.

Gearing up for back to school

Through a variety of initiatives, Sandia New Mexico and California have donated more than $10,000 and supported educational success programs for K-12 students.

Nine high school seniors become STAR Fellows

Sandia hosted a two-week virtual science, technology and research camp for students who were nominated by their teachers to attend.

Women @ Energy features engineer Laura Price

The DOE STEM Rising website recognized Laura, an engineer at Sandia, for her work in nuclear fuel cycle technologies.