Sandia LabNews

Ultrafast beam-steering breakthrough

A team of researchers has demonstrated the ability to steer light pulses from conventional light sources, which could allow low-power, inexpensive sources to replace laser beams in new technologies.

Cloud-resolving climate model meets world’s fastest supercomputer

A new cloud-resolving atmosphere model on Frontier, the first exascale supercomputer, can improve the accuracy of climate predictions.

Climate change future may be found in factories

Sandia researchers are teaming up to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in industrial and manufacturing activities, which produce nearly a third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy researcher named IEEE Fellow

Stan Atcitty, senior scientist and member of the Navajo Tribe, receives prestigious recognition for his work in power electronics and energy storage.

Regional science bowl winners announced

Sandia volunteers organized four successful competitions in New Mexico and California.

Sandia celebrates Earth Month

In April, attend presentations from climate security experts or join a service project to give back to the community.

Tips to optimize online security

Staff from Information Engineering presented online safety tips to the Coronado Thunderbirds. Read their advice for avoiding email phishing, internet scams and malware attacks.

Sandia Fellow Elizabeth Roll: Labswide strategic planning

Senior strategist and executive coach Elizabeth Roll influences executive decision-making and mentors staff on a similar path.

Sandia and AWE’s strategic intent relationship

Representatives from Sandia and the U.K.’s Atomic Weapons Establishment attended the March strategic intent meetings at the Labs.