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Game built on ‘America's Army'

Game built on ‘America’s Army’

The Adaptive Thinking and Leadership simulation game developed by Elaine Raybourn and her team is built on the Army Game platform, which is based on America’s Army, a video game designed to give young people a virtual taste of military life.

The Special Forces game has less action and more adaptive thinking. But the ideas behind the games are similar.

The Army launched America’s Army, a series of PC games depicting realistic modern combat situations, three years ago to overwhelming interest. It now has more than five million registered players.

Besides being a source of information for prospective recruits, the game gives non-soldiering types a realistic view of Army life. All scenarios in the game are designed to actively reflect real-life tactics.

According to an official of the America’s Army project last year at the E3 gaming trade show, prospective soldiers who contact Army recruiters after playing the game have a better follow-through rate than any other form of advertising or promotion. — Chris Burroughs

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