Sandia LabNews

January 23, 2004

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NANOSCALE PLATINUM — Sandia researcher John Shelnutt and University of New Mexico PhD student Yujiang Song look at platinum at the nanoscale on a new scanning electron microscope at UNM’s Center for Micro Engineered Materials.

In this issue…

  • Sandia, UNM researchers mimic photosynthetic proteins to manipulate platinum at the nanoscale
  • Sandia helps JPL bring Mars rover Spirit to safe landing
  • Sandia addressing possible leveling off of revenue, rising medical costs, pension fund issues
  • Rajen Chanchani elected IEEE fellow
  • Sandia/NRL team develops ultraviolet fiber-based laser
  • Cluster computers coming online in California
  • Labs’ elevator inspector cautious with dangers of job
  • Desktop computers to counsel users on decisions
  • CQuest photos to be available on Web FileShare
  • Plaque dedicated to Pat Eicker