HVB Encapsulant

Polyurethane Castable Elastomer

Arathane 5753 HVB is a polyurethane encapsulant formulation based on Huntsman Corporation’s Arathane 5753 LV. Arathane 5753 HVB contains an added diol that acts as a hardener and nearly doubles the dielectric breakdown strength of the material. Arathane 5753 HVB’s excellent dielectric properties make it suitable for high voltage applications. It is an attractive alternative to TDI-based potting materials that have been used for high voltage applications, such as Cytec Conathane EN-7.

HVB Encapsulant features:

  • exceptional dielectric breakdown strength (29 kV/mm)
  • hardness comparable to Conathane EN-7 (90 Shore A)
  • good tensile strength and tear strength
  • all constituents commercially available, no synthesis required

Plus all the benefits of Huntsman Arathane 5753, including:

  • meets NASA outgassing requirements
  • humidity resistance
  • all-liquid processing at room temperature
  • good pot life
  • room temperature or heat cure
  • contains no TDI