Geometry Adaptive Sizing for TriMesh and TetMesh Schemes

The TriMesh and TetMesh schemes in Cubit are based upon third party libraries known as MeshGems that are developed and distributed by Distene. They are robust and fast triangle and tet meshing algorithms that have built in capabilities for adaptively controlling the mesh size based upon feature sizes. In most cases the sizing controls provided as part of the scheme command are sufficient to control mesh sizes. As such, the sizing functions described in this section cannot be used with the the MeshGems triangle and tet meshing algorithms. If a sizing function is assigned to a volume or surface, and the TriMesh or TetMesh scheme is selected, rather than using the MeshGems algorithm for meshing the surfaces, it will automatically revert to using the TriAdvance scheme. Any settings defined with the TriMesh or TetMesh scheme will be ignored and the sizing function will be used to determine local mesh sizes.

When using the TriMesh and TetMesh schemes, recommended practice is to mesh all surfaces and volumes simultaneously. This provides the greatest flexibility to the algorithms to determine feature sizes and their effect on neighboring surfaces and volumes. The default settings for TriMesh and TetMesh schemes will automatically provide geometry adaptive mesh sizing. These default settings can however be adjusted by using the settings on the scheme command. The scheme settings are described in the TetMesh and TriMesh sections of the documentation.