Web Cutting

The term "web cutting" refers to the act of cutting an existing body or bodies, referred to as the "blank", into two or more pieces through the use of some form of cutting tool, or "tool". The two primary types of cutting tools available in CUBIT are surfaces (either pre-existing surfaces in the model or infinite or semi-infinite surfaces defined for web cutting), or pre-existing bodies.

The various forms of the web cut command can be classified by the type of tool used for cutting. These forms are described below, starting with the simplest type of tool and progressing to more complex types.

General Notes

The primary purpose of web cutting is to make an existing model meshable with the hex meshing algorithms available in CUBIT. While web cutting can also be used to build the initial geometric model, the implementation and command interface to web cutting have been designed to serve its primary purpose. Several important things to remember about web cutting are as follows:

The Decomposition Tutorials and the Power Tools Tutorial contain some examples that demonstrate the use of web cutting operations.