Copy Command

The copy command copies an existing entity to a new entity without modifying the existing entity. A copy can be made of several entities at once, and the resulting new entities can be translated or rotated at the same time. The commands for copying entities are:

Vertex <range> Copy [Move [X <dx>] [Y <dy>] [Z <dz>]] [Preview]

Vertex <range> Copy [Move <direction_options> [Distance <val>]] [Preview]

{Body|Volume|Surface|Curve|Vertex|Group} <range> Copy Move [X <dx>] [Y <dy>] [Z <dz>] [Nomesh] [Repeat <value>] [Preview]

{Body|Volume|Surface|Curve|Vertex|Group} <range> Copy Move <direction_options> [Distance <val>] [Nomesh] [Repeat <value>] [Preview]

{Body|Volume|Surface|Curve|Vertex|Group} <range> Copy Reflect {X|Y|Z} [Nomesh] [Preview]

{Body|Volume|Surface|Curve|Vertex|Group} <range> Copy Reflect [Vertex <v1_id> [Vertex] <v2_id] [Nomesh] [Preview]

{Body|Volume|Surface|Curve} <range> Copy Reflect <x> <y> <z> [Nomesh] [Preview]

{Body|Volume|Surface|Curve} <range> Copy Rotate <angle> About {X|Y|Z} [Repeat <value>] [Nomesh] [Preview]

{Body|Volume|Surface|Curve} <range> Copy Rotate <angle> About <x> <y> <z> [Nomesh]   [Repeat <value>] [Repeat <value>] [Preview]

{Body|Volume|Surface|Curve} <range> Copy Scale <scale> | X <val> Y <val> Z <val> [About Vertex <id>] [Nomesh] [Repeat <value>]  [Preview]

If the copy command is used to generate new entities, a copy of the original mesh generated in the original entity will also be copied directly onto the new entity unless the nomesh option is used.

Several of the commands include the Repeat token. If that token is used the command will repeat itself value times.

This is currently limited to copies that do not interact with adjacent geometry through non-manifold topology. For details on mesh copies, see the Mesh Duplication documentation.