Scalable Shock Physics

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CTH is a multi-material, large deformation, strong shock wave, solid mechanics code developed at Sandia National Laboratories. It has models for multi-phase, elastic, viscoplastic, porous and explosive materials. Three-dimensional rectangular meshes, two-dimensional rectangular and cylindrical meshes, as well as one-dimensional rectilinear, cylindrical, and spherical meshes are available. CTH can utilize adaptive mesh refinement and uses second-order accurate numerical methods to reduce dispersion and dissipation to produce accurate and efficient results. CTH provides an end-to-end simulation solution including on-the-fly visualization support and CTH runs under Linux, MacOS, and Windows 10 in both serial and parallel modes. It has been shown to scale efficiently to over 1.5 m cores in dedicated testing.


CTH 13.0 has now been released (May 2023)!

Check the Support tab under Release Information for more information.