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Vol. 56, Special Issue        March 2004
[Sandia National Laboratories]

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87185-0165    ||   Livermore, California 94550-0969
Tonopah, Nevada; Nevada Test Site; Amarillo, Texas

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Community outreach

Our volunteer and corporate contributions programs completed a phenomenal year with another Habitat House completed, a successful Make a Difference Day, even more Shoes for Kids, further involvement with Roadrunner Foodbank, and many other projects. We have doubled our volunteer roster over the past four years and now have more than 3,400 registered volunteers in the program. Our corporate contributions program provided grants and gifts benefiting more than 50 community organizations with more than 70 percent of the money used for youth and educational programs and activities. (12600, Labs-wide volunteers)

Sandia's Education Partnership programs have continued to grow in scope and support. Family Science Nights (see photo at right) have grown to more than 40 a year. Strengthening Quality in the Schools has shown correlation to improved student performance and a lower drop-out rate, Science Bowl school participation has grown by more than 40 percent. And this year we launched an essay contest, "The Write Thing to Do," as well as our first Sandia Student Science Symposium. We continue to provide leadership in community/education/business partnerships as we continually strive to improve the quality of education and student performance in our state. (12600)

Last modified: March 25, 2004

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