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Vol. 53, No. 2        January 26, 2001
[Sandia National Laboratories]

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87185-0165    ||   Livermore, California 94550-0969
Tonopah, Nevada; Nevada Test Site; Amarillo, Texas

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Laboratories support

Sandia successfully launched its first Information Technology/Computer Science (IT/CS) Retraining Program in June. Joan Woodard and the Laboratory Leadership Team championed this Labs-wide, fast-track program that is led by Corporate Training and Development with partnerships across the Labs. The program was deve;loped in response to increasing demands for critical IT/CS skills, hiring limitations, a competitive external market, and Sandia's commitment to career development. Participating in the program are 30 employees. Ten finished in December and transition into their permanent organizations. Others will finish early next calendar year. (3500, 6500, 8500, 9300)

Building Bridges, Sandia's Participation in DOE's EEO/Diversity Standdown, engaged more than 8,000 participants in a forum for learning and dialogue on building inclusion, trust, and respect in our work environments. Nearly 200 individuals working in more than 20 sub-teams in New Mexico and California contributed to this Labs-wide effort. The program was substantive, creative and flexible. Customer interests and requirements were integrated with principled leadership and vision. Suggestions were produced for positive action to ensure goals that take full advantage of the diversity of people at Sandia. (3000, 8000)

Sandia/New Mexico Health Services Center's Clinical Health and Occupational Medicine organizations were recognized for quality programming and services with five President's Quality Awards, including three Golds. The Health Services Center was also awarded the highest level of accreditation by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. (AAAHC). With an extensive survey of the facilities, procedures, and a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of patient care, the AAAHC certificate assures nationally recognized standards in quality patient care. (3300)

The Benefits Department oversaw the renovation of the Bldg. 861 cafeteriaŠconsidered an employer-of-choice, on-site convenience. This cross-organizational project included both internal and external organizations for the design and completion. Construction was done in half the normal time required for a project of this magnitude. The upgrade: ensures compliance with safety and code requirements; reduces maintenance costs; creates a more efficient flow of traffic as requested by customers; improves the ambiance in the dining area and increases the quality of time spent there. (3300, 7800, 7100)

Sandia hosted its Fifth Annual Summer Technical Student Symposium and Career Fair on August 10 with 504 attendees, 150 presenters and 26 exhibitors. The symposium culminated a 12-week program for 250 technical interns at Sandia. The program provided technical and professional development and required interns to prepare papers and presentations on assigned projects. The Symposium offered an opportunity for Sandia and Lockheed Martin, cosponsors of the event, to consider candidates for employment. Sandia hired several OYOCs and Lockheed Martin made 40 offers. (3500)

More than 100 women managers attended a one-day conference May 11 with the theme, "Creating a Woman-Friendly Culture at Sandia." Joan Woodard and HR were conference champions. The conference provided a forum to share experiences and make workplace recommendations. More than 100 summer and year-round interns attended Sandia's first "Technical Women of the Future" luncheon June 12. Sponsored by the Summer Technical Student Internship Program, the luncheon encouraged female interns to continue their pursuit of higher education in science, math, engineering, and technology and provided an overview of Sandia's philosophy and practices. (3000)

Labs Support (Facilities)

The Facilities Custodial Services Department rolled out a new cleaning management process in FY2000. This process should dramatically increase building tenant satisfaction by improving cleanliness and efficiency while expanding the scope of services provided. The system is built around teams of specialists using more effective equipment and standard chemicals, and includes techniques for work loading and scheduling. Consequently, the work will be done for no additional cost, despite an increase in the amount of space supported. The teams should be fully deployed during spring 2001. (7800) James Kadlec, jckadle@sandia.gov

During FY00, the Facilities Management and Operations Center (with Nuclear Weapons Strategic Business Unit funding) demolished five buildings at the New Mexico site. These demolitions eliminated more than 67,000 square feet of substandard space. The demolition program reduces operations and maintenance costs and allows building sites to be re-used for new mission requirements. During this same period, vacant space was reduced by some 7,000 square feet. This increased efficiency in the use of available space also reduces operating costs for the entire Labs. L. Patrick Murphy, lpmurph@sandia.gov

The Processing and Environmental Technology Laboratory (PETL) received the Program and Project Management 2000 award from DOE's Office of Engineering and Construction Management. This achievement was made possible by the dedicated efforts of many individuals who effectively teamed to construct this highly successful facility on schedule and within budget. The building, now completely occupied, is a state-of-the-art 21st-century materials science chemistry laboratory that provides a safe, efficient (energy savings of $100,000 per year), and attractive work environment for its occupants. (1800, 7800) Bill Hendrick, wehendr@sandia.gov

In FY00, Sandia made significant strides in resource conservation: o Earned two State Environment Department Green Zia awards for efforts to reduce energy and water use at the Central Steam Plant and incorporate sustainable design (combines resource conservation and pollution prevention) into new building designs. o Saved 22 million gallons of groundwater by reusing microelectronics wastewater for other operations at Building 858. o Made the case for Sandia to purchase "green electricity" beginning FY01, which will help spur development in NM, 12th highest wind energy potential in U.S. (5300, 6200, 7100, 7800) Ralph Wrons, rjwrons@sandia.gov

Facilities Management & Operations Center (FMOC) implemented a radical change last year by establishing a swing shift of five mechanical tradesmen, to perform preventative maintenance. This breakthrough action accomplished key objectives: (1) minimizing disruptions to building residents; (2) taking a proactive approach to reduce maintenance costs by significantly increasing preventive maintenance activities, thus reducing equipment failures; and (3) reducing overtime costs some $50,000 per year. (7800) James L. Rush, jlrush@sandia.gov

Facilities Management and other exemplary operations at the California site completed the demolition of the 85,000 sq. ft. Bldg 913 to provide a building site for the new Distributed Information Systems Laboratory. This was the largest deconstruction project in the history of Sandia. Following a difficult relocation plan, approximately 20 functions were relocated into 10 other existing facilities. With known building contamination the project team had to perform extensive and creative characterization and cleanup prior to demolition. The project recycled 6,500 tons of concrete and approx. two million pounds of metals (steel, copper, aluminum, brass) (8500) Gary Shamber, gwshamb@sandia.gov

A project that involved everyone at Sandia? Yes, Sandians & contractors working at the individual, team, Labs-wide, community, and national levels assured that the Y2K transition was a non-event. Thousands of hours were spent identifying & evaluating potential vulnerabilities of software, hardware, facilities, operations, & safety and security systems. The success of this project is a tribute to all who demonstrated true teamwork, thoroughness of execution, and dedication. Participants represent every organization in the company, their DOE & LMC counterparts, and staff at the KAFB. (7000) Nancy Freshour, nlfresh@sandia.gov

Sandia received several awards in recognition of its outstanding achievement in providing contracting opportunities to small business and its exemplary outreach activities. These awards include: DOE's Management and Operating Contractor of the Year Award, the U.S. Small Business Administration's Dwight Eisenhower Award for Excellence, the Southwest Region Business Advocate of the Year Award, and the District II Corporate Hispanic Advocate of the Year Award. Five Sandia employees were awarded Year 2000 Star Awards from the Rio Grande Minority Purchasing Council for advocacy efforts on behalf of local, small business. (10200) Cynthia Schneeberger, ccschne@sandia.gov

Oracle ERP implemented and stabilized: Sandia's Oracle ERP system was stabilized after coming fully on line in October, 1999. Included in the implementation and stabilization were improved response times, development of substantial additional reports for line customers, ongoing training programs, and accomplishing the first year-end closing using the Oracle system. (9500, 10200, 10300, 10500,14000) Cynthia Schneeberger, ccschne@sandia.gov

Pension plan benefits were approved that increased income for retirees and surviving spouses effective Oct. 1, 2000. The benefit changes included increases in pension benefits from 3 percent to 18 percent for eligible participants and the introduction of minimum pensions. (3500, 10300) Cynthia Schneeberger, ccschne@sandia.gov

Sandia's Legal, Procurement, and HR organizations worked with Sandia Staff Augmentation suppliers to develop and implement an alternative to the three-year rule which had previously limited contract associates' service to a maximum of three years. The alternative manages co-employment risks in an innovative manner, enabling Sandia to retain the services of more than 425 trained and valued individuals. These individuals would have had to be replaced, increasing overall costs and reducing productivity. Instead, they can remain at Sandia making important contributions to success across the Laboratories. (3500, 8500, 10200, 11200) Skip Reeder, chreede@sandia.gov

Logistics developed a cost-effective way to meet DOE regulatory requirements for on-site transportation of hazards. It consolidated operations teams involved in hazardous material storage and transportation in one location and commenced cross training. It excelled in numerous audits, most notably an audit of Shipping and the Federal Motor Carrier Program by the Department Of Transportation. It reduced the amount of time required for hazmat training certification and formed the Packaging and Transportation Management Committee to leverage corporate resources. (10200) Bob Eldredge, rvseldr@sandia.gov

A team led by the Export Control Office obtained funding from DOE/DP, completed design, development, and roll out of an on-line training program called EC100. This modular system automatically tailors the depth and breath of the training to be taken based on the student's responses to an initial set of eight questions. EC100 has been completed by more than 250 people at Sandia, and has been requested by DOE and DoD as a model for next generation training tools. (2900, 3500, 9500, 10000, 10300) Chad Twitchell, catwitc@sandia.gov

Sandia received DOE approval to make several significant computer codes available under open source licensing. Open source licensing, used for common software packages such as Linux, allows a broad community of researchers to use, improve, and share improvements to software. Open source licensing will help transfer important technology from Sandia, and will allow Sandia to leverage the efforts of others in improving technology important to our mission. The codes currently approved for open source licensing include Cplant, Zoltan, chaco, and verde. (9200, 11500, 1300) V. Gerald Grafe, vggrafe@sandia.gov

Sandia's Legal Division supported the Contracts Organization in another successful effort to execute a "fee and scope" amendment to our prime contract. The amendment enables a stable flow of fee to Sandia, which is used to compensate our corporate parent for its many valuable contributions to the Sandia mission, and to pay for expenses and costs of Sandia, which are either "unallowable" under our prime contract or would be viewed by DOE as either excessive or unnecessary. (11200, 10000) L. S. Greher, lsgrehe@sandia.gov;

A Passport for the Journey: What do you want to be when you grow up? Kids hear that question a lot, but have few chances to explore different careers. In response, Community Involvement joined with businesses, local government, and school districts to provide the first annual "School to World" event. School to World provided 1,200 middle school students a chance to discuss more than a hundred careers with people who are actually doing them. In addition to funding and event coordination, Sandia provided 65 volunteers. (12600 coordinated) Amy Tapia, astapia@sandia.gov

Sandia employees Made a Difference in their community once again. More than 300 Sandia employees, contractors, family members, and friends, partnered with retiree Irv Hall, Judy and Ronald Ewing to build a Habitat for Humanity house. Irv Hall donated the $30,000, the Ewings donated the land, and Sandia volunteers pounded nails, hung wallboard, textured, painted, had fun, and completed the house in seven working weeks. Others donated lunches and snacks or contributed to the Carpenter's Fund. The Zozaya family calls Hall House home. (12600 coordinated) Darlene Leonard, daleona@sandia.gov

For 2000, the National Atomic Museum increased children coming to acclaimed Science is Everywhere Summer Camp from 80 in 1999 to 160 children in 2000. For 2001, the camps will increase again and offer second site services at the Hispanic Cultural Center. In addition, the museum served 18,569 school children with six educational programs for ages K-12. The museum presented three programs called "Young Women Take Flight" to accompany a Smithsonian exhibition, Women in Flight, which was at the museum January to May 2000. The National Atomic Museum achieved success regarding a lease of six acres for creation of the New National Museum of Nuclear Science and History to open in 2004 at Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Park. James Walther, jkwalth@sandia.gov

In strategic planning, the Laboratory Leadership Team refined the vision for the Laboratories developed 10 years ago, including revised values, revised purpose, and a new "highest goal." To study the long-term external environment, LLT also developed scenarios for the future, following the approach developed by Global Business Network. The four scenarios show plausible futures that the Labs could find itself dealing with in 15 years. Planning activities this year will challenge program managers to develop robust strategies for success in each of the scenarios. (12100) Lori Parrott, lkparro@sandia.gov

The Congressional Testimonies Team prepared seven congressional testimonies in FY00--nearly triple that of any previous year. The testimonies have created or enhanced relationships with key staffers and lawmakers in Congress. The integrity, candor, and responsiveness of the testimonies and written statements have resulted in a sea change in congressional perceptions of the Labs. This achievement is even more significant given that it has been accomplished in an environment where the Labs' statements have been heavily scrutinized by congressional staff and the press. (12100)

The Government Relations team, working through the SBUs/SMUs, developed a Congressional Issues Document that contains a set of well-defined, prioritized issues whose resolution are critical to the success of the Corporation. The document contributes significantly to conveying a uniform, consistent Laboratory message that has already been demonstrated to be effective. In concert, they developed a Washington strategy that, when fully implemented, will ensure that Sandia is properly positioned to help shape the resolution of issues of importance in the national security arena. (12100)

The Ombuds team has intervened on contractor dispute issues, diversity issues across the complex and nearly 600 cases involving individuals within the Laboratories. The Ombuds team interacts with all Sandia shareholders to ensure common understanding of differences and to provide a basis for dispute resolution. They are recognized across the DOE complex as a model program for excellence and is repeatedly called on by DOE at all levels to assist in developing approaches for dispute resolution. (00011 and 00012)

The President's Quality Award team serves a corporate strategy to target project teams for self-assessment and review of processes and customer relationships. This year, the number of applications increased 40% over last year and a record of nine gold awards was obtained. The Air Force Academy and Quality NM have utilized the program. The PQA program received two international awards for its promotional videos. This year, the ceremony was aired live and sent electronically to a total of 700 participants.

The Trades Training Program (TTP) is operated by Sandia National Laboratories in cooperation with the Metal Trades Council, Albuquerque TVI, and Albuquerque Public Schools (APS). Attrition in Sandia's skilled Trades strategic workforce is impacting product realization capabilities. The TTP was designed and developed to maximize usage of community resources, existing Sandia programs, and a new approach to training that produces fully qualified trades people at greatly reduced cost. The program provides Sandia management greater flexibility and students with an opportunity to gain valuable work experience. (14100, 3500, MTC) Phillip L. Gallegos, plgalle@sandia.gov

Last modified: Jan. 31, 2001

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