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CTH Impact Simulation

CTH Impact Simulation

David Crawford (505) 845-8975

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CTH Shock Physics

CTH is a multi-material, large deformation, strong shock wave, solid mechanics code developed at Sandia National Laboratories. It has models for multi-phase, elastic, viscoplastic, porous and explosive materials. Three-dimensional rectangular meshes, two-dimensional rectangular and cylindrical meshes, and one-dimensional rectilinear, cylindrical, and spherical meshes are available. CTH has adaptive mesh refinement and uses second-order accurate numerical methods to reduce dispersion and dissipation to produce accurate and efficient results. CTH provides an end-to-end simulation solution including visualization support and runs on Linux, Windows, Macintosh and UNIX workstations, Beowulf clusters and massively parallel supercomputers.

Please note that CTH is government owned export controlled software and can only be distributed to U.S. citizens or to non-citizens under an approved U.S. Dept. of State export license. Please see Licensing for more information.

CTH Email Support - General support for questions about running CTH, bug reports, missing or incorrect documentation or suggested improvements to the software. - Questions and correspondence for acquiring and licensing CTH. - Questions and correspondence on installation of CTH.

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