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I'm a staff member at Sandia National Laboratories, a US Department of Energy lab. For many years I was in the Parallel Computational Sciences group. In 2001, I moved to a new Computational Biology group. In 2007, I became part of the Scalable Algorithms group.

My work involves implementing and using scientific simulations designed for parallel supercomputers. Often this includes the creation of efficient parallel algorithms. The applications I work on typically use particles, finite elements, or partial differential equations. We are now applying some of these simulation tools and algorithms to biology and informatics problems.

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    Current Interests

    Molecular Dynamics (MD):
    Kinetic Monte Carlo - KMC and Metropolis MC simulator SPPARKS
    Biological Cell Modeling - particle-based reaction/diffusion simulator ChemCell
    Informatics - data-intensive computing via a MapReduce-MPI library, and a stream-processing PHISH library Toolkit - Python-based toolkit for simulation setup, analysis, plotting, viz
    Parallel Algorithms:

    Past Projects

    Gene Finding - parallelization of the Genehunter genetic linkage analysis program
    Radiation Transport - Boltzmann equation for thermal and X-ray radiation
    ChISELS - surface evolution model of semiconductor processing for micromachine devices (MEMS)
    QuickSilver - particle-in-cell (PIC) relativistic electromagnetics
    PRONTO - finite element transient dynamics (crash & boom) with contact detection
    NIMROD - plasma simulation of tokamaks
    MPPs versus Clusters - performance comparisons of different parallel machines
    Electronic Structure - quantum mechanics of solids
    Direct Simulation Monte Carlo - low-density reacting flows via particles
    Image Processing - synthetic aperture radar (SAR) analysis
    Grain Growth - Potts model on 2-d and 3-d lattices
    Electron Microscopy - Monte Carlo trajectory simulation
    Parallel Computing - general overviews

    How to Reach Me

    sjplimp at

    Scalable Algorithms Dept, MS 1316
    Sandia National Laboratories
    Albuquerque, NM 87185-1316

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