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Kathy Loeppky
Conference Coordinator
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Monday, October 13, 2014

Session 1 - Mixed Topics

10:15 AM - 11:55 AM

Session 1 - Mixed Topics
Session Chair: Per-Olof Persson
10:15 AM 1.1 - Optimizing the Geometrical Accuracy of 2D Curvilinear Meshes
Jean-Francois Remacle, Jonathan Lambrechts,Christophe Geuzaine, and Thomas Toulorge
10:40 AM 1.2 - Construction of Polynomial Spline Spaces over Quadtree and Octree T-Meshes
Marina Brovka, José Iván López, José M. Escobar, José Manuel Cascón, Rafael Montenegro
11:05 AM 1.3 - A Thermo-Elastic Analogy for High-Order Curvilinear Meshing with Control of Mesh Validity and Quality
David Moxey, Dirk Ekelschot, Umit Keskin, Spencer Sherwin, Joaquim Peiro
11:30 AM 1.4 - A Generic Implementation of dD Combinatorial Maps in CGAL
Guillaume Damiand, Monique Teillaud

Session 2 - Quad / Hex Meshing

2:40 PM - 3:55 PM

Session 2 - Quad / Hex Meshing 1
Session Chair: Katie Lewis
2:40 PM 2.1 - Block-Structured Hexahedral Meshes for CAD Models using 3D Frame Fields
Nicolas Kowalski, Franck Ledoux, Pascal Frey
3:05 PM 2.2 - LayTracks3D: A New Approach to Meshing General Solids using Medial Axis Transform
William Roshan Quadros
3:30 PM 2.3 - Quadrilateral Mesh Generation with Deferred Constraint Insertion
Chrystiano Araujo, Waldemar Celes

Session 3 - Mesh Quality 1

4:10 PM - 5:00 PM

Session 3 - Mesh Quality 1
Session Chair: David Martineau
4:10 PM 3.1 - Optimizing Mesh Distortion by Hierarchical Iteration Relocation of the Nodes on the CAD Entities
Eloi Ruiz-Girones, Xevi Roca, Jose Sarrate
4:35 PM 3.2- Constrained Space Deformation for Design Optimization
Daniel Sieger, Stefan Menzel, Mario Botsch

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Session 4A - Quad / Hex Meshing
Session 4B - Mesh Quality 2

4:25 PM - 5:40 PM

Session 4A - Quad / Hex Meshing 2
Session Chair: Scott Canann
9:50 AM 4A.1 - Automatic Swept Volume Decomposition Based on Sweep Directions Extraction for Hexahedral Neshing
Haiyan Wu, Shuming Gao
10:15 AM 4A.2 - Direct Editing on Hexahedral Mesh through Dual Operations
Hua Zhu, Jinming Chen, Haiyan Wu, Shuming Gao

10:40 AM 4A.3 - New Techniques for Enhanced Medial Axis Based Decomposition
Harold Fogg, Cecil Armstrong, Trevor Robinson
11:05 AM 4A.4 - Hex-Dominant Meshing Approach Based on Frame Field Smoothness
Paul-Emile Bernard, Jean-Francois Remacle, Nicolas Kowalski, Christophe Geuzaine
Session 4B - Mesh Quality 2
Session Chair: Nikos Chrisochoides
9:50 AM 4B.1 - Towards FEA over Tangled Quads
Chaman Singh Verma, Krishnan Suresh
10:15 AM 4B.2 - Automatic Curvilinear Quality Mesh Generation Driven by Smooth Boundary and Guaranteed Fidelity
Jing Xu, Andrey N. Chernikov
10:40 AM 4B.3 - Two Mesh Deformation Methods coupled with a Changing-Topology Moving Mesh Method for CFD Applications
Nicolas Barral, Edward Luke, Frédéric Alauzet
11:05 AM 4B.4 - Face-Centred Voronoi Refinement for Surface Mesh Generation
Darren Engwirda, David Ivers

Session 5A - Tri / Tet Meshing
Session 5B - Hybrid and Alternative Element Types

2:55 PM - 4:10 PM

Session 5A - Tri / Tet Meshing
Session Chair: Hang Si
2:55 PM 5A.1 - Automatic Unstructured Element-Sizing Specification Algorithm for Surface Mesh Generation
Zhoufang Xiao, Jianjun Chen, Yao Zheng, Lijuan Zeng, Jianjing Zheng
3:20 PM 5A.2 - Curvature-Adapted Remeshing of CAD Surfaces
Franco Dassi, Andrea Mola, Hang Si
3:45 PM

5A.3 - Adaptive and Unstructured Mesh Cleaving
Jonathan R. Bronson, Shankar P. Sastry, Joshua A. Levine, Ross T. Whitaker
Session 5B - Hybrid and Alternative Element Types
Session Chair: Jose Sarrate
2:55 PM

5B.1 - Toward Mixed-Element Meshing based on Restricted Voronoi Diagram
Jeanne Pellerin, Bruno Lévy, Guillaume Caumon
3:20 PM

5B.2 - Generation of Polyhedral Delaunay Meshes
David Contreras, Nancy Hitschfeld-Kahler
3:45 PM

5B.3 - Degenerate Hex Elements,
Clifton R. Dudley, Steven J. Owen

Session 6A - Research Notes
Session 6B - Research Notes

4:30 PM - 5:15 PM

Session 6A - Research Notes
Session Chair: Roshan Quadros
4:30 PM

6A.1 - Universal Meshes: Computing Tetrahedralization Conforming to Curved Surfaces
Hardik Kabaria and Adrian J. Lew
4:45 PM

6A.2 -Generation of Hierarchical Tetrahedral Meshes with High-Order Projections for Efficient Multigrid Solvers
Cao Lu, Xinglin Zhao, Navamita Ray, Xiangmin Jiao
5:00 PM

6A.3 - Smoothing of Unstructured Grids
Mehdi Falsafioon, Sina Arabi, Francois Guibault, Ricardo Camarero
Session 6B - Research Notes
Session Chair: Steven Owen
4:30 PM

6B.1 - Partial Remeshing Strategy for CFD Simulations when Large Displacements are Taken into Account
Simone Gremmo, Iouri Antonik, Remy Nigro, Charles Hirsch, and Grégory Coussement
4:45 PM

6B.2 - Determination of Flow Regions for Hybrid Grid Adaptation
Yannis Kallinderis, Vasileios Sassanis
5:00 PM

6B.3 - Conformal Hexahedral Mesh Coarsening by Agglomeration,
Pierre Cargemel, Youssef Mesri, and Herve Guillard

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Session 7A - Quad / Hex Meshing 3
Session 7B - Meshing for CFD

9:50 AM - 11:55 AM

Session 7A - Quad / Hex Meshing 3
Session Chair: Jean-Francois Remacle
9:50 AM

7A.1 -An Art Gallery Approach to Submap Meshing
Nilanjan Mukherjee
10:15 AM

7A.2 - Surface Mesh Generation based on Imprinting of S-T Edge Patches
Shengyong Cai, Timothy J. Tautges
10:40 AM

7A.3 - QMCF: QMorph Cross Field-Driven Quad-Dominant Meshing Algorithm
Bertrand Pellenard, Gunay Orbay, James Chen, Shailendra Sohan, Wa Kwok, Joseph R. Tristano
11:05 AM

7A.4 - Generating Unstructured Nuclear Reactor Core Meshes in Parallel
Rajeev Jain, Timothy Tautges
11:30 AM

7A.5 - Delaunay Quadrangulation by Two-Coloring Vertices
Scott A. Mitchell, Mohammed A. Mohammed, Ahmed H. Mahmoud, Mohamed S. Ebeida
Session 7B - Meshing for CFD
Session Chair: Xiaohua Wu
9:50 AM

7B.1 -Towards Automated Hybrid-Prismatic Mesh Generation
Maximilian Tomac, David Eller
10:15 AM

7B.2 - New Mesh Motion Solver for Large Deformations based on CVT
Witalij Wambold, Gunter Barwolff
10:40 AM

7B.3 - Metric-Orthogonal Anisotropic Mesh Generation
Adrien Loseille
11:05 AM

7B.4 - Quality Index and Improvement of the Interfaces of General Hybrid Grids
Sophia Fotia, Yannis Kallinderis
11:30 AM

7B.5 - Aligned Metric-Based Anisotropic Solution Adaptive Mesh Generation
David Marcum, Frederic Alauzet

Session 8A - Research Notes
Session 8B - Research Notes

12:05 PM - 12:50 PM

Session 8A - Research Notes
Session Chair: Franck Ledoux
12:05 PM

8A.1 - Periodic Meshes for the CGAL library
Aymeric Pellé, Monique Teillaud
12:20 PM

8A.2 - Segmentation of the Visible Human Project® (VHP) Female Cryosection Images within MATLAB® Environment
J. Yanamadala, V. K. Rathi, S. Maliye, H. A. Win, A. L. Tran, M. K. Kozlov, G. M. Noetscher, and S. N. Makarov
12:35 PM

8A.3 - Optimising Stress Constrained Structural Optimisation
Kristian E. Jensen
Session 8B - Research Notes
Session Chair: Per-Olof Persson
12:05 PM

8B.1 - NURBS Surface Reparameterization Using Truncated T-splines
Lei Liu, Yongjie Jessica Zhang, Xiaodong Wei
12:20 PM

8B.2 - Anisotropic Layering via Curve Insertion into Unstructured Meshes
Daniel W. Zaide, Carl F. Ollivier-Gooch
12:35 PM

8B.3 - An Inside-out Method for Arbitrary Polyhedra
Franjo Juretic

Other Papers in Proceedings, but not presented

Mesh Infrastructure for Coupled Multiprocess Geophysical Simulations
Garimella, Rao V. and William A. Perkins, Mike W. Buksas, Markus Berndt, Konstantin Lipnikov, Ethan Coon, John D. Moulton, Scott L. Painter

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