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Kathy Loeppky
Conference Coordinator
(505) 844-2376


Monday, October 13, 2014

10:15 AM - 11:55 AM

Session 1. Mixed Topics

Session 1 - Mixed Topics
Session Chair: Per-Olof Persson
10:15 AM 1.1 - Optimizing the Geometrical Accuracy of 2D Curvilinear Meshes
Jean-Francois Remacle, Jonathan Lambrechts,Christophe Geuzaine, and Thomas Toulorge
10:40 AM 1.2 - Construction of Polynomial Spline Spaces over Quadtree and Octree T-Meshes
Marina Brovka, José Iván López, José M. Escobar, José Manuel Cascón, Rafael Montenegro
11:05 AM 1.3 - Mesh Infrastructure for Coupled Multiprocess Geophysical Simulations
Rao V. Garimella, William A. Perkins, Mike W. Buksas, Markus Berndt, Konstantin Lipnikov, Ethan Coon, John D. Moulton, Scott L. Painter
11:30 AM 1.4 - A Generic Implementation of dD Combinatorial Maps in CGAL
Guillaume Damiand, Monique Teillaud

2:40 PM - 3:55 PM

Session 2 - Quad / Hex Meshing 1

Session 2 - Quad / Hex Meshing 1
Session Chair: Katie Lewis
2:40 PM 2.1 - Block-Structured Hexahedral Meshes for CAD Models using 3D Frame Fields
Nicolas Kowalski, Franck Ledoux, Pascal Frey
3:05 PM 2.2 - LayTracks3D: A New Approach to Meshing General Solids using Medial Axis Transform
William Roshan Quadros
3:30 PM 2.3 - Quadrilateral Mesh Generation with Deferred Constraint Insertion
Chrystiano Araujo, Waldemar Celes

4:25 PM - 5:40 PM

Session 3 - Mesh Quality 1

Session 3 - Mesh Quality 1
Session Chair: David Martineau
4:25 PM 3.1 - Optimizing Mesh Distortion by Hierarchical Iteration Relocation of the Nodes on the CAD Entities
Eloi Ruiz-Girones, Xevi Roca, Jose Sarrate
4:50 PM 3.2- Constrained Space Deformation for Design Optimization
Daniel Sieger, Stefan Menzel, Mario Botsch
5:15 PM 3.3 - A Thermo-Elastic Analogy for High-Order Curvilinear Meshing with Control of Mesh Validity and Quality
David Moxey, Dirk Ekelschot, Umit Keskin, Spencer Sherwin, Joaquim Peiro

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

9:50 AM - 11:30 AM

Session 4A - Quad / Hex Meshing 2
Session 4B - Mesh Quality 2

Session 4A - Quad / Hex Meshing 2
Session Chair: Scott Canann
9:50 AM 4A.1 - Automatic Swept Volume Decomposition Based on Sweep Directions Extraction for Hexahedral Neshing
Haiyan Wu, Shuming Gao
10:15 AM 4A.2 - Direct Editing on Hexahedral Mesh through Dual Operations
Hua Zhu, Jinming Chen, Haiyan Wu, Shuming Gao

10:40 AM 4A.3 - New Techniques for Enhanced Medial Axis Based Decomposition
Harold Fogg, Cecil Armstrong, Trevor Robinson
11:05 AM 4A.4 - Hex-Dominant Meshing Approach Based on Frame Field Smoothness
Paul-Emile Bernard, Jean-Francois Remacle, Nicolas Kowalski, Christophe Geuzaine
Session 4B - Mesh Quality 2
Session Chair: Nikos Chrisochoides
9:50 AM 4B.1 - Towards FEA over Tangled Quads
Chaman Singh Verma, Krishnan Suresh
10:15 AM 4B.2 - Automatic Curvilinear Quality Mesh Generation Driven by Smooth Boundary and Guaranteed Fidelity
Jing Xu, Andrey N. Chernikov
10:40 AM 4B.3 - Two Mesh Deformation Methods coupled with a Changing-Topology Moving Mesh Method for CFD Applications
Nicolas Barral, Edward Luke, Frédéric Alauzet
11:05 AM 4B.4 - Face-Centred Voronoi Refinement for Surface Mesh Generation
Darren Engwirda, David Ivers

2:55 PM - 4:10 PM

Session 5A - Tri / Tet Meshing
Session 5B - Hybrid and Alternative Element Types

Session 5A - Tri / Tet Meshing
Session Chair: Hang Si
2:55 PM 5A.1 - Automatic Unstructured Element-Sizing Specification Algorithm for Surface Mesh Generation
Zhoufang Xiao, Jianjun Chen, Yao Zheng, Lijuan Zeng, Jianjing Zheng
3:20 PM 5A.2 - Curvature-Adapted Remeshing of CAD Surfaces
Franco Dassi, Andrea Mola, Hang Si
3:45 PM

5A.3 - Adaptive and Unstructured Mesh Cleaving
Jonathan R. Bronson, Shankar P. Sastry, Joshua A. Levine, Ross T. Whitaker
Session 5B - Hybrid and Alternative Element Types
Session Chair: Jose Sarrate
2:55 PM

5B.1 - Toward Mixed-Element Meshing based on Restricted Voronoi Diagram
Jeanne Pellerin, Bruno Lévy, Guillaume Caumon
3:20 PM

5B.2 - Generation of Polyhedral Delaunay Meshes
David Contreras, Nancy Hitschfeld-Kahler
3:45 PM

5B.3 - Degenerate Hex Elements,
Clifton R. Dudley, Steven J. Owen

4:30 PM - 5:15 PM

Session 6A - Research Notes
Session 6B - Research Notes

Session 6A - Research Notes
Session Chair: Roshan Quadros
4:30 PM

6A.1 - Universal Meshes: Computing Tetrahedralization Conforming to Curved Surfaces
Hardik Kabaria and Adrian J. Lew
4:45 PM

6A.2 -Generation of Hierarchical Tetrahedral Meshes with High-Order Projections for Efficient Multigrid Solvers
Cao Lu, Xinglin Zhao, Navamita Ray, Xiangmin Jiao
5:00 PM

6A.3 - Smoothing of Unstructured Grids
Mehdi Falsafioon, Sina Arabi, Francois Guibault, Ricardo Camarero
Session 6B - Research Notes
Session Chair: Steven Owen
4:30 PM

6B.1 - Partial Remeshing Strategy for CFD Simulations when Large Displacements are Taken into Account
Simone Gremmo, Iouri Antonik, Remy Nigro, Charles Hirsch, and Grégory Coussement
4:45 PM

6B.2 - Determination of Flow Regions for Hybrid Grid Adaptation
Yannis Kallinderis, Vasileios Sassanis
5:00 PM

6B.3 - Conformal Hexahedral Mesh Coarsening by Agglomeration,
Pierre Cargemel, Youssef Mesri, and Herve Guillard

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

9:50 AM - 11:55 AM

Session 7A - Quad / Hex Meshing 3
Session 7B - Meshing for CFD

Session 7A - Quad / Hex Meshing 3
Session Chair: Jean-Francois Remacle
9:50 AM

7A.1 -An Art Gallery Approach to Submap Meshing
Nilanjan Mukherjee
10:15 AM

7A.2 - Surface Mesh Generation based on Imprinting of S-T Edge Patches
Shengyong Cai, Timothy J. Tautges
10:40 AM

7A.3 - QMCF: QMorph Cross Field-Driven Quad-Dominant Meshing Algorithm
Bertrand Pellenard, Gunay Orbay, James Chen, Shailendra Sohan, Wa Kwok, Joseph R. Tristano
11:05 AM

7A.4 - Generating Unstructured Nuclear Reactor Core Meshes in Parallel
Rajeev Jain, Timothy Tautges
11:30 AM

7A.5 - Delaunay Quadrangulation by Two-Coloring Vertices
Scott A. Mitchell, Mohammed A. Mohammed, Ahmed H. Mahmoud, Mohamed S. Ebeida
Session 7B - Meshing for CFD
Session Chair: Xiaohua Wu
9:50 AM

7B.1 -Towards Automated Hybrid-Prismatic Mesh Generation
Maximilian Tomac, David Eller
10:15 AM

7B.2 - New Mesh Motion Solver for Large Deformations based on CVT
Witalij Wambold, Gunter Barwolff
10:40 AM

7B.3 - Metric-Orthogonal Anisotropic Mesh Generation
Adrien Loseille
11:05 AM

7B.4 - Quality Index and Improvement of the Interfaces of General Hybrid Grids
Sophia Fotia, Yannis Kallinderis
11:30 AM

7B.5 - Aligned Metric-Based Anisotropic Solution Adaptive Mesh Generation
David Marcum, Frederic Alauzet

12:05 PM - 12:50 PM

Session 8A - Research Notes
Session 8B - Research Notes

Session 8A - Research Notes
Session Chair: Franck Ledoux
12:05 PM

8A.1 - Periodic Meshes for the CGAL library
Aymeric Pellé, Monique Teillaud
12:20 PM

8A.2 - Segmentation of the Visible Human Project® (VHP) Female Cryosection Images within MATLAB® Environment
J. Yanamadala, V. K. Rathi, S. Maliye, H. A. Win, A. L. Tran, M. K. Kozlov, G. M. Noetscher, and S. N. Makarov
12:35 PM

8A.3 - Optimising Stress Constrained Structural Optimisation
Kristian E. Jensen
Session 8B - Research Notes
Session Chair: Per-Olof Persson
12:05 PM

8B.1 - NURBS Surface Reparameterization Using Truncated T-splines
Lei Liu, Yongjie Jessica Zhang, Xiaodong Wei
12:20 PM

8B.2 - Anisotropic Layering via Curve Insertion into Unstructured Meshes
Daniel W. Zaide, Carl F. Ollivier-Gooch
12:35 PM

8B.3 - An Inside-out Method for Arbitrary Polyhedra
Franjo Juretic

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