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Slowdown is a PHISH minnow that can be used in a PHISH program. In PHISH lingo, a "minnow" is a stand-alone application which makes calls to the PHISH library to exchange data with other PHISH minnows.

The slowdown minnow sends datums as it receives them, but insures successive datums are sent no more often than every delta seconds. This can be useful for debugging PHISH nets that process data quickly.


The shutdown minnow uses one input port 0 to receive datums and one output port 0 to send datums.


When it starts, the shutdown minnow calls the phish_loop function. Each time a datum is received on input port 0, the phish_timer function is called and the elapsed time since the last datum was sent is calculated. If it is less than delta seconds, the minnow "sleeps" until delta seconds have passed. It then sends the datum to its output port 0 and records the time at which the send occurred.

The count minnow shuts down when its input port is closed by receiving a sufficient number of "done" messages.


The shutdown minnow can receive any kind of datums; it simply re-sends them as-is.

Restrictions: none

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