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print minnow


print -f filename 


print -f outfile 


Print is a PHISH minnow that can be used in a PHISH program. In PHISH lingo, a "minnow" is a stand-alone application which makes calls to the PHISH library to exchange data with other PHISH minnows.

The print minnow prints the datums it receives to stdout or to a file.


The print minnow uses one input port 0 to receive datums. It does not use any output ports.


When it starts, the print minnow opens outfile if it has been specified. It then calls the phish_loop function. Each time a datum is received on input port 0, its fields are looped over. Each field is written in the appropriate format with a trailing space, either to the screen or to outfile. A trailing newline is written after all the fields have been written.

The print minnow shuts down when its input port is closed by receiving a sufficient number of "done" messages. Before shutting down it closes outfile if it was specified.


The print minnow can receive datums with any number of fields. Any type of field can be printed, except for a field of type PHISH_RAW, which is ignored. Array-type fields are printed one value at a time, with trailing spaces.

Restrictions: none

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