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phish_callback() function

C syntax:

void phish_callback(void (*alldonefunc)(), void (*abortfunc)(int*)) 

C examples:

#include "phish.h"

C++ syntax:

void callback(void (*alldonefunc)(), void (*abortfunc)(int*)) 

C++ examples:

#include "phish.hpp"

Python syntax:

def callback(alldonefunc, abortfunc) 

Python examples:

import phish


This is a PHISH library function which can be called from a minnow application. In PHISH lingo, a "minnow" is a stand-alone application which makes calls to the PHISH library.

This function allows you to define 2 callback functions which the PHISH library will use to call back to the minnow under specific conditions. If they are not set, which is the NULL default, then the PHISH library does not make a callback.

The alldonefunc() function is used to specify a callback function invoked by the PHISH library when all the minnow's input ports have been closed. The callback function should have the following form:

void alldonefunc() { } 


def alldonefunc() 

in Python,

where "alldonefunc" is replaced by a function name of your choice. A minnow might use the function to print out some final statistics before the PHISH library exits. See the phish_close function and shutdown section of the Minnows doc page, for more discussion of how a school of minnows closes ports and shuts down.

The abortfunc() function is used to specify a callback function that invoked by the PHISH library when phish_abort is called, either by the minnow, or internally by the PHISH library.

The callback function should have the following form in C or C++:

void abortfunc(int* cancel) { } 


def abortfunc(cancel) 

in Python,

where "abortfunc" is replaced by a function name of your choice.

As explained on the phish_error doc page, the phish_abort() function may be called by the minnow directly, or implicitly by a call to phish_error(), and causes the minnow itself and the entire school of PHISH minnows to exit. If this callback is defined, the PHISH library will call the function before exiting. This can be useful if the minnow wishes to close files or otherwise clean-up. The function should not make additional calls to the PHISH library, as it may be in an invalid state, depending on the error condition.

The callback function may optionally set the "cancel" flag to a nonzero value to prevent the PHISH library from aborting the process.


This function can be called anytime. It is the only PHISH library function that can be called before phish_init, which can be useful to perform needed clean-up via abortfunc() if phish_init() encounters an error.

Related commands:

phish_error, phish_abort