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filegen minnow


filegen path1 path2 ... 


filegen a1.txt a2.txt
filegen dir1 dir2 ... dir100 


Filegen is a PHISH minnow that can be used in a PHISH program. In PHISH lingo, a "minnow" is a stand-alone application which makes calls to the PHISH library to exchange data with other PHISH minnows via its input and output ports.

The filegen minnow generates a list of filenames from the filenames and directory names given to it as arguments. Each directory is opened (recursively) and scanned to generate filenames.


The filegen minnow uses no input ports. It uses one output port 0 to send datums.


When it starts, the filegen minnow loops over its input arguments. If the argument is a file, it sends the filename to its output port 0. If the argument is a directory name, it reads all the filenames in the directory and sends each one to its output port 0. If any entry in the directory is itself a directory, then it recurses and generates sends additional filenames to its output port 0.

When it has processed all its input arguments, the filegen minnow calls the phish_exit function to shut down.


Each datum the filegen minnow sends has a single field of type PHISH_STRING.

Restrictions: none

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