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File2words is a PHISH minnow that can be used in a PHISH program. In PHISH lingo, a "minnow" is a stand-alone application which makes calls to the PHISH library to exchange data with other PHISH minnows via its input and output ports.

The file2words minnow open a file, reads its contents, parses it into words separated by whitespace, and outputs each word.


The file2words minnow uses one input port 0 to receive datums and one output port 0 to send datums.


When it starts, the file2words minnow calls the phish_loop function. Each time a datum is received on input port 0, its first field is treated as a filename. The file is opened and its contents are read a line at a time. Each line is parsed into words, separated by whitespace. Each word is sent as an individual datum to its output port 0. The file is closed when it has all been read.

The filewords minnow shuts down when its input port is closed by receiving a sufficient number of "done" messages.


The file2words minnow msut receive single field datums of type PHISH_STRING. It also sends single field datums of type PHISH_STRING.


The C++ version of the file2words minnow allocates a buffer of size MAXLINE = 1024 bytes for reading a line from a file. This can be changed (by editing minnow/file2words.cpp) if longer lines are needed.

It also assumes the filenames it receives are for text files, so that "whitespace" as defined in C or Python makes sense as a separator.

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