Mike Heroux Sandia National Laboratories

Awards and Recognition

HPCWire People to Watch 2015 - Link to HPCWire Announcement.
Mike was recognized for his efforts on the HPCG Benchmark project.

Mantevo 1.0 R&D 100 Award - Link to Mantevo R&D 100 Award Announcement.
Mantevo won a 2013 R&D 100 award.

Distinguished Member of the Association for Computing Machinery - Link to ACM Announcement.
Mike was selected as a Distinguished Member of the ACM in 2010.

Trilinos 3.1 R&D 100 Award - Links to Trilinos 3.1 R&D 100 Award Announcements.
Trilinos won an R&D 100 Award as one of the "100 most signficant new technology products for 2004.

Trilinos SC2004 HPC Software Challenge Award - Links to Trilinos SC2004 HPC Software Challenge Award Announcements
Trilinos won the High Performance Computing Software Challenge Award at SC2004, the premier conference for High Performance Scientific Technical Computing, for best practices in software engineering in High Performance Computing Software.


Complete Citation List - All Publications
A complete list of citations can be found in my CV.