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Khachik's page

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Kh. Sargsyan
(925) 294-4885

Project links

QUEST: Quantification of Uncertainty in Extreme Scale Computations

UQTk: Uncertainty Quantification Toolkit

ACME: Accelerated Climate Modeling for Energy

SST/Macro: Structural Simulation Toolkit

Khachik Sargsyan

Contact Information

Sandia National Laboratories Tel.: (925) 294-4885
Transportation Energy Center           Fax: (925) 294-2595
P.O. Box 969, MS 9051 E-mail:
Livermore, CA, 94550


Research Interests

Khachik Sargsyan has an applied mathematics background with expertise in stochastic processes, spectral methods, statistical analysis. He has developed techniques for uncertainty quantification, statistical analysis and model reduction with applications in climate modeling, biochemical systems and hardware architecture simulations.

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CV as of June 2017.

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