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Chris Siefert @ Sandia National Labs

Ph.D., University of Illinois, Computer Science w/ Computational Science & Engineering Option.
B.S., College of William and Mary, Computer Science and Mathematics.

I have an Erdös number of 4 at least four different ways (Me->M.W.Trosset->R.Tapia->M.Golumb->P. Erdös, Me->P.Bochev->M.Gunzburger->V.Faber->P. Erdös, Me->R.Tuminaro->H.Thornquist->V.Faber->P. Erdös, Me-> Sturler->J.Liesen->V.Faber->P. Erdös)

I'm a researcher in scientific computing (does that make me a scientific computer?), currently residing at Sandia National Laboratories. My research interests focus primarily on:
  • Linear solvers, especially algebraic multigrid,
  • Numerical methods and advanced (read: multicore) architectures,
  • Scalable algorithms,
  • Preconditioners for saddle-point problems,
  • Derivative-free optimization.
As I said above, I'm a UIUC/CS alum, having worked under Eric de Sturler. At my undergraduate institution, the College of William and Mary, I worked with Virginia Torczon and Michael Trosset. Having finished a LTE (read: postdoc) with Ray Tuminaro, in the Scalable Algorithms group at Sandia National Labs, I've moved on to the Computational Shock and Multiphysics group as a Senior Member of the Technical Staff. I still work with Ray Tuminaro, as well as Jonathan Hu, Allen Robinson, Chris Garasi and a whole host of other interesting folk.

Professional Collaborators
I have a number of professional collaborators. Here are some of them: David Alber, Pavel Bochev, Bill Cochran, Eric Cyr, Rebecca Hartman-Baker, Rich Lehoucq, Hanna Neradt, Michael Parks, Jacob Schroder, Eric de Sturler, Virginia Torczon, Michael Trosset, Ray Tuminaro, Evan VanderZee, Jay Verkuilen, Shun Wang and Mike Wolf.
Chris Siefert

Chris Siefert

(505)844-4696 (Phone)
(505)284-2518 (Fax)

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Sandia National Laboratories
P.O. Box 5800, MS 1322
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