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Brent Jones


Brent Jones received the B.S. degree in physics from the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, in 1997, and the Ph.D. degree in physics from Princeton University in 2002. His graduate thesis work at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory employed ~10 GHz heterodyne radiometry to measure time-resolved electron temperature profiles via detection of mode-converted electron Bernstein wave emissions in a spherical tokamak.

In 2002, he joined the Center for Pulsed Power Sciences at Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, as a member of the technical staff. His research interests include fundamental z-pinch dynamics, wire arrays for K-shell x-ray production, monochromatic x-ray imaging of dense z-pinches, and seeded perturbations for the study of instabilities in imploding wire arrays.

He has led experiments on Sandia's 20 MA Z machine to study wire array dynamics of Al and stainless steel loads designed for production of 1-10 keV K-shell x-rays. In collaboration with C.A. Coverdale (Org. 1344) and others, 50 kJ of 6.7 keV K-shell radiation has been produced from implosion of nested stainless steel wire arrays. This yield is anticipated to scale up to 200 kJ when the 26 MA refurbished Z machine comes back online in 2007.

Dr. Jones has led the development of multilayer-mirror-based imagers on Z and Saturn to view 100-700 eV monochromatic self-emission during the implosion and stagnation phases of wire array and gas puff implosions. A current research thrust is to jointly analyze spatially resolved >1 keV K-shell spectra and <1 keV monochromatic imaging in order to infer plasma temperature and density profiles for understanding z-pinch implosion and stagnation physics.

X-ray radiographs of steel wire array instability growth (Z)

Imposed perturbations seed predictable evolution of implosion instability (MAGPIE)

Localized Na dopant K-shell lines (two at left) used to track particle transport in an Al pinch (Zebra)

277 eV (red) and
>1 keV (yellow) self-emission imaging (Z)

Selected Publications

  • B. Jones, C. Deeney, C. A. Coverdale, P. D. LePell, J. L. McKenney, J. P. Apruzese, J. W. Thornhill, K. G. Whitney, R. W. Clark, A. L. Velikovich, J. Davis, Y. Maron, V. Kantsyrev, A. Safronova, and V. I. Oreshkin, K-shell radiation physics in low- to moderate-atomic-number z-pinch plasmas on the Z accelerator, J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer 99, 341 (2006).
    (Invited talk, RPHDM 2004)

  • J. W. Thornhill, A. L. Velikovich, R. W. Clark, J. P. Apruzese, J. Davis, K. G. Whitney, P. L. Coleman, C. A. Coverdale, C. Deeney, B. Jones, and P. D. LePell, Assessing the ZR Machine’s Potential for Producing Multi-keV X-Ray Yields in K-Shell Line and Free-Bound Continuum Radiation, IEEE T. Plasma Sci. 34, 2377 (2006).

  • B. Jones, C. Deeney, C. A. Coverdale, C. J. Meyer, and P. D. LePell, Multilayer mirror monochromatic self-emission x-ray imaging on the Z accelerator, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 77, 10E316 (2006).

  • B. Jones, C. Deeney, C. A. Coverdale, C. J. Meyer, and P. D. LePell, Monochromatic X-Ray Self-Emission Imaging of Imploding Wire Array Z-Pinches on the Z Accelerator, IEEE T. Plasma Sci. 34, 213-222 (2006).
    (Invited talk, ICOPS 2005)

  • B. Jones, C. Deeney, A. Pirela, C. Meyer, D. Petmecky, P. Gard, R. Clark, and J. Davis, Design of a multilayer mirror monochromatic x-ray imager for the Z accelerator, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 75, 4029 (2004).

  • B. Jones, C. J. Garasi, D. J. Ampleford, C. Deeney, T. A. Mehlhorn, S. N. Bland, S. V. Lebedev, J. P. Chittenden, S. C. Bott, J. B. A. Palmer, G. N. Hall, and J. Rapley, Measurement and modeling of the implosion of wire arrays with seeded instabilities, Phys. Plasmas 13, 056313-1-7 (2006).
    (Invited talk, APS DPP05)

  • B. Jones, C. Deeney, J. L. McKenney, C. J. Garasi, T. A. Mehlhorn, A. C. Robinson, S. E. Wunsch, S. N. Bland, S.V. Lebedev, J. P. Chittenden, S. C. Bott, D. J. Ampleford, J. B. A. Palmer, J. Rapley, G. N. Hall, and B.V. Oliver, Study of Three-Dimensional Structure in Wire-Array Z Pinches by Controlled Seeding of Axial Modulations in Wire Radius, Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 225001 (2005).

  • B. Jones, C. Deeney, J. L. McKenney, J. E. Garrity, D. K. Lobley, K. L. Martin, A. E. Griego, J. P. Ramacciotti, S. N. Bland, S. V. Lebedev, S. C. Bott, D. J. Ampleford, J. B. A. Palmer, J. Rapley, G. Hall, Chemically etched modulation in wire radius for wire array z-pinch perturbation studies, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 75, 5030 (2004).

  • B. Jones, G. Taylor, P. C. Efthimion, and T. Munsat, Measurement of the magnetic field in a spherical torus plasma via electron Bernstein wave emission harmonic overlap, Phys. Plasmas 11, 1028 (2004).

  • B. Jones, P. C. Efthimion, G. Taylor, T. Munsat, J. R. Wilson, J. C. Hosea, R. Kaita, R. Majeski, R. Maingi, S. Shiraiwa, J. Spaleta, and A. K. Ram, Controlled optimization of mode conversion from electron Bernstein waves to extraordinary mode in magnetized plasma, Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, 165001 (2003).

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Brent Jones
Senior Member of the Technical Staff, Organization 1673

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