Z Research

Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination. – John Dewey

Z researchers meet the toughest scientific challenges with innovation and ingenuity that breed groundbreaking results. Read Z’s publications and the sections below to learn more about this work.



Z provides the fastest, most accurate, and cheapest method to determine how materials will react under high pressures and temperatures, characteristics that can then be expressed in formulas called “equations of state.”

Z-Accelerator Renovation


The Z machine’s role in solving the world’s energy challenges is directly tied to its fusion potential. With growing concerns about the health of our planet and escalating energy needs, the development of fusion technology is especially promising.

Prototype Mag-Life


Fusion is the process by which two atomic nuclei are joined together. As an unconfined event, fusion has long been used in the development of weapons. Its great potential as a new source of energy, which depends on scientists’ ability to harness its power in laboratory events, continues to be explored. The Z machine is central to that effort.


National Security

Z is crucial to Sandia’s mission to ensure the reliability and safety of our nuclear stockpile as it ages – it allows scientists to study materials under conditions similar to those produced by the detonation of a nuclear weapon, and it produces key data used to validate physics models in computer simulations.