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Author   Title Journal Volume
RE Falcon An experimental platform for creating white dwarf photospheres in the laboratory High Energy Density Physics 9
TA Haill Mesoscale simulation of mixed equations of state with application to shocked platinum-doped PMP foams Procedia Engineering 58
SB Hansen Testing the reliability of Non-LTE Spectroscopic Models for Complex Ions High Energy Density Physics


B Jones Basis set expansion for inverse problems in plasma diagnostic analysis Review of Scientific Instruments


PF Knapp Diagnosing suprathermal ion populations in Z-pinch plasmas using fusion neutron spectra Physics of Plasmas


MD Knudson Shock response of low-density silica aerogel in the multi-Mbar regime Journal of Applied Physics


TR Mattsson Ab-initio Molecular Dynamics of CH3OH at the H20/Pt interface Nanotech 2003


RD McBride Beryllium liner implosion experiments on the Z Accelerator in preparation for magnetized liner inertial fusion Physics of Plasmas 20
KJ Peterson Simulations of electrothermal instability growth in solid aluminum rods Physics of Plasmas 20
S Root Carbon dioxide shock and reshock equation of state data to 8 Mbar: Experiments and simulations Physical Review B 87
S Root Shock compression of hydrocarbon foam to 200 Gpa: experiments, atomistic simulations, and mesoscale hydrodynamic modeling Journal of Applied Physics 114
P Schmitt New wave effects in nonstationary plasma Physics of Plasmas 20
CT Seagle Note: Visible reflectivity system for high-pressure studies Review of Scientific Instruments 84
CT Seagle Shock-ramp compression: Ramp compression of shock-melted tin Applied Physics Letters 102


Author   Title Journal Volume
DJ Ampleford Demonstration of radiation capabilities using nested conical wire-array z-pinches IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 40
DJ Ampleford Shock model description of the interaction radiation pulse in nested wire array z-pinches Physics of Plasmas 19
LI Basilio Microwave-frequency, negative-index metamaterial designs based on degenerate dielectric resonators IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters 11
ME Cuneo Magnetically driven implosions for inertial confinement fusion at Sandia National Laboratories IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science


DH Dolan Note: Frequency-conversion photonic Doppler velocimetry with an inverted circulator Review of Scientific Instruments 83
RE Falcon A gravitational red shift determination of the mean mass of white dwarfs: DBA and DB Stars The Astrophysical Journal 757
SF Glover Impact of time-varying loads on the programmable pulsed power driver called Genesis IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 40
SF Glover Status of Genesis a 5-MA programmable pulsed power driver IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 40
MR Gomez Pinned, optically aligned dock for use on the Z facility Review of Scientific Instruments 83
KD Hahn Calibration of neutron-yield diagnostics in attenuating and scattering environments Review of Scientific Instruments


SB Hansen Investigating inertial confinement fusion target fuel conditions through x-ray spectroscopy Physics of Plasmas 19
AJ Harvey-Thompson Optical Thomson scattering measurements of plasma parameters in the ablation stage of wire array z pinches Physical Review Letters 108
MD Johnston Absolute calibration method for nanosecond-resolved, time-streaked, fiber optic light collection, spectroscopy systems Review of Scientific Instruments 18
PF Knapp Calibration and analysis of spatially resolved x-ray absorption spectra from a nonuniform plasma Review of Scientific Instruments 83
PF Knapp Time and space resolved measurement of the electron temperature, mass density, and ionization state in the ablation plasma between two exploding AI wires Physics of Plasmas 19
MD Knudson Probing the Interiors of the Ice Giants: Shock Compression of Water to 700 Gpa and 3.8 g/cm3 Physical Review Letters 108
G Loisel A methodology for calibrating wavelength dependent spectral resolution for crystal spectrometers Review of Scientific Instruments


MR Martin Solid liner implosions on Z for producing multi-megabar, shockless compressions Physics of Plasmas


RD McBride Penetrating radiography of imploding and stagnating Beryllium liners on the Z Accelerator Physical Review Letters


CL Miller Simulations of dynamic laser/plasma X-ray production IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science


T Nagayama Investigation of iron opacity experiment plasma gradients with synthetic data analyses Review of Scientific Instruments 83
RE Nygren Science in Fusion Technology Fusion Science and Technology 60
RE Olson Comparisons of NIF convergent ablation simulation with radiograph data Review of Scientific Instruments 83
RE Olson X-ray conversion efficiency in vacuum hohlraum experiments at the National Ignition Facility Physics of Plasmas 19
KJ Peterson Electrothermal instability growth in magnetically driven pulsed power liners Physics of Plasmas 19
CL Ruiz Progress in obtaining an absolute calibration of a total deuterium-tritium neutron yield diagnostic based on copper activation Review of Scientific Instruments 83
J Schwarz Measurement of nonliner refractive index and ionization rates in air using a wavefront sensor Optics Express 20
DB Sinars Investigation of high-temperature bright plasma X-ray sources produced in 5-MA X-Pinch Experiments Physical Review Letters 109
SA Slutz High-Gain Magnetized Inertial Fusion Physical Review Letters 108
MA Ulrickson The effect of paramagnetic shift during thermal quench on internal components in fusion devices Fusion Engineering and Design 87
LK Warne Perturbation theory in the design of degenerate rectangular dielectric resonators Progress in Electromagnetics Research B 44
LK Warne Subcell Method for Modeling Metallic Resonators in Metamaterials Progress in Electromagnetics Research B 38
LK Warne Electrical Coupling of Lightning through a Hole in a Metal Barrier IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 40
DL Youchison Design and fabrication of a high-temperature helium regenerator Fusion Engineering and Design 87
DL Youchison Effects of Hypervapotron Geometry on Thermalhydraulic Performance IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 40