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Bay Area Lab Innovation Networking Center (LINC)

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Unique opportunities, world-class capabilities

The Lab Innovation Networking Center (LINC) provides a front door to the four Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories in the San Francisco Bay Area, linking corporations, startups, and investors to DOE’s world-class research and unique facilities. SLAC National Accelerator, Lawrence Berkeley, Sandia, and Lawrence Livermore national laboratories are part of DOE’s 17-lab complex and roughly $12-billion dollar per year research and development portfolio.


LINC’s mission is to accelerate innovation in the region by being a multifaceted resource for Bay Area institutions. Located in Menlo Park, CA, LINC provides a physical (and virtual) location where the private sector can engage researchers and technology transfer professionals from the national labs. LINC is designed to simplify and increase collaborations by streamlining access to:

  • partnership opportunities
  • unique research capabilities and facilities, many of which are found nowhere else in the world
  • intellectual property from the four Bay Area labs and across the 17-lab complex

In addition, LINC will host regular networking and innovation exploration events to foster regional collaborations between the national labs, industry, entrepreneurs and investors. 

Company Benefits

  • A central access point to identify and navigate partnership opportunities within the national labs
    • Access to lab experts
    • Access to unique research capabilities and facilities
    • Access to transformational technologies, innovations and patents
  • Opportunities to transform government investments and research into improved products, new companies, and industry innovation