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Rapid Technology Deployment Program

To address the current national emergency, U.S. entities may be eligible to license select Sandia intellectual property at no cost for a limited time.

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Rapid Technology Deployment Program (RTD)

Program Overview

On March 13, 2020, President Trump officially declared the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency. To support the national efforts, many innovations at Sandia can and should be transitioned to practice as expeditiously as possible, without unnecessary delay or burden on our partners in industry. The Rapid Technology Deployment Program aims to get Sandia’s ideas and technology into industry as quickly and seamlessly as possible during this time of need.

Key Features

Any U.S. company will be able to obtain a term-limited, non-negotiable, royalty-free, non-exclusive license under any available Sandia-owned United States patent that is not otherwise subject to a contractual obligation.

Licensees: Any U.S. entity, company, university
Term: Now until December 31, 2020
Royalties: Zero
Negotiations: Zero
Rights: Non-exclusive

Please note: Rapid Technology Deployment license agreements do not include technical support. For information regarding funding opportunities for technical support, please visit Sandia's Technology Partnerships site.

How to Participate

Search the available technologies in the Rapid Technology Deployment (RTD) Program.

Once a technology has been identified, contact us at to submit an inquiry. To expedite your RTD licensing request, download and complete the fillable condensed Participant Data Sheet (PDS). Email us the completed form and the patents you wish to license.

A Sandia representative will be in touch within 2 business days to provide a license for signature, if eligible.


Prospective licensees must sign and return the license within one week of receipt.


Sandia National Laboratories has joined the Open COVID pledge to make patents freely available to address the pandemic and its effects.