Sandia works with and purchases products and services for these areas:

Research and Development

Products, materials, and services to support R&D: demonstration, feasibility, task performance, design, develop, test, experimentation, data gathering, analysis, investigation, and literature search. Delivered data, first divs, research papers, custom software, code, experiment results, test results, information, reports, or resultant non-commercial products or prototypes.

Mechanical and Electronic Fabrication

Nano, Fast Cast Prototyping and High Tech Machining. Fabrication, machining, plating, and assembly of prototype equipment, materials and structures using performances and design specifications. Fabrication and assembly of prototype printed circuit boards (PCB) and printed wiring boards (PWB) using performance and design specifications.

Construction and Facilities Services

Products, materials and services for mobile offices, pre-fabricated buildings, or real estate lease; architecture, engineering and Construction Services (subject to Davis Bacon Act), office and laboratory furniture, repair and maintenance services for real estate.

Contractor Staffing Requirements

Custom services to maintain and operate specific functions or capabilities, including contractor and Sandia-directed work. Staff Augmentation services, consultants, speakers, and miscellaneous professional services.

Commercial Products and Services

Commercial products and services including automated data processing equipment (ADPE), telecommunications products, maintenance agreements for ADPE equipment or for commercially available computer software, capital equipment, and maintenance for optics, machine tools and instruments shown in the Just In Time Commodity Contract List.