Corporate agreements are used by Sandia for goods or services that are required across the laboratories. Sandia relies on long-term corporate agreements to meet ongoing needs.

Just in Time (JIT) Corporate Purchasing Agreements (CPAs) facilitate an easy and efficient method for purchasing commercially available goods and services directly from the supplier. JIT subcontracts are based on volume of actions, dollars expended, and lab wide use. JIT suppliers also provide value added services including order entry, technical consultation, property tagging, warranty support and on-site maintenance. They are placed on a Firm Fixed Price (FPP) basis for a three (3) year base period with two (2) one year options.

Corporate Purchasing Agreements are also in place for unclassified technical writing, interpretation and written translation services, and staff augmentation professional services that are used lab-wide. The agreements are provided at a specified price within a specified timeframe on a Time and Material (T&M) or Commercial Service (CS) type basis. The CPAs are similar to JIT Agreements but have different requirements.

Site Agreements that Sandia utilizes include: Supply Chain Management Center (SCMC) agreements and Integrated Contractor Purchasing Team (ICPT) agreements. Enterprise-wide Agreements leveraging National Nuclear Security Administration and DOE spend.

Opportunities do not exist in all areas at all times. Windows of opportunity might be on an annual basis or as far out as five years. Most opportunities will be posted on the Business Opportunities Website.

NTESS CPAs - What we Buy

Chemicals Chemicals JIT CPA
Equipment Test & Measurement Equipment JIT CPA
Equipment Lab Equipment & Supplies JIT CPA
Gases Bulk/Compressed JIT CPA
Industrial Supplies Tools, Hardware JIT CPA
Industrial Supplies Filters JIT CPA
Industrial Supplies Nuts, Bolts JIT CPA
Information Technology Apple Computer Products JIT CPA
Information Technology HP Computer Products JIT CPA
Information Technology Dell Computer Products JIT CPA
Information Technology Cisco Computer Products JIT CPA
Information Technology COTS Software JIT CPA
Information Technology Printers JIT CPA
Laundry Rental/Cleanroom JIT CPA
Operating Supplies Office Supplies JIT CPA
Operating Supplies Office Furniture JIT CPA
Operating Supplies Toner Cartridges JIT CPA
Operating Supplies Bottled Water JIT CPA
Operating Supplies Janitorial Supplies JIT CPA
Operating Supplies Electrical Supplies JIT CPA
Operating Supplies Electronic Component JIT CPA
Operating Supplies Prescription Safety Glasses JIT CPA
Operating Supplies Lab & Safety Supplies JIT CPA
Professional Services Technical Writing Corporate CPA
Professional Services Interpretation and Translation Corporate CPA
Professional Services Staff Augmentation Corporate CPA
Signage Internal/External JIT CPA
Telecommunications Wireless Devices/Airtime JIT CPA
Telecommunications Pagers/Airtime JIT CPA