The purpose of this website is to provide information to the supplier community regarding soliciting information for the Third-Party Telecommunications and Information Technology (TPTIT) Services Agreement for Sandia National Laboratories for Albuquerque (Sandia/NM), Livermore, California (Sandia/CA), and other remote sites.

The information presented on this website is intended to provide the most up-to-date information available regarding the details and status of any solicitations and subsequent award of any subcontract(s) which are described in more detail in links located at this website.

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This Subcontract covers the support and provisioning of specific telecommunications and information technology (IT) services for National Technology and Engineering Solutions of Sandia LCC (NTESS) with a workforce of approximately 14,000. ; The scope of support services includes, but is not limited to the following categories:

  • Technology Support Services: Services include the following:
    • Servicing approximately 25,000 fixed telephones and 30,000 user devices
    • Delivering conventional end-user service to approximately 30,000 computing devices from a centralized service desk that all NTESS personnel (resident and remote) may access
    • Providing end-user support that includes managing distributed servers that are not in the corporate data center
  • Infrastructure Computing Services: Services include the following:
    • Operating, maintaining, and servicing NTESS’s telecommunications network, telephone infrastructure (i.e., network, telephone, wired communications, wireless communications, and mobile platforms), and desktop-computing devices that reside on Sandia National Laboratories/New Mexico (SNL/NM) and California (SNL/CA) sites
    • Supporting other worksites (e.g., Sandia Science and Technology Park, other office locations in Washington D.C. [D.C.] and Nevada [NV])

NTESS retains financial and operational responsibility for managing hardware devices, software devices, and the telecommunications infrastructure (including the physical layer of wiring and cabling up to the application stack for monitoring and control).

  • Mission Computing Services: These services address NTESS’s need to provide creative, scalable, reliable computing systems and networks to support NTESS’s wide range of customers and objectives. Requirements vary in range and scope from single-system administration and user support to highly complex, cutting-edge technologies. A wide range of expertise is needed to competently staff the critical aspects of NTESS’s operations.

The following are examples of areas that require expertise: operating system and application administration and modification, cybersecurity, scripting and code development, high-performance computing (HPC), knowledge of hardware specifications, implementation and maintenance, scripting, programming, and computational scheduling.

  • Enterprise IT and Information Services: NTESS’s Enterprise IT and Information Services organizations analyze, design, build, maintain, and put into production equipment, websites, and tools to manage data and information for the enterprise using NTESS’s software-engineering processes. To produce and maintain these IT solutions, the support resources must be proficient in the following areas: custom computer programming, commercial-off-the-shelf application configuration and customization, report development, dev-ops, scripting, and testing. These enterprise solutions are critical to enabling NTESS’s business and mission.

NTESS will retain the strategic direction for the management of the work included in this statement of work. An objective of this subcontract is to continue to meet the stringent national security requirements of the telecom infrastructure and information technology environment. It is expected the Subcontractor shall successfully recruit and retain the requisite personnel to perform these functions.

Estimated Timeline of Procurement Activities

The following table is an estimated timeline of key procurement activities. All dates are subject to change and will be updated as needed. Offerors are encouraged to regularly check this website for updates:

Procurement Activity Date of Completion
Sources Sought Posting Closed June 30, 2019
RFQ Release Date January 14, 2020
Mandatory On-Site Pre-Bid Conference February 18, 2020
Proposal Due Date April 13, 2020
Subcontact Award Late Q1 or Early Q2 of FY21

**NOTE: For the purpose of this timeline, NTESS’s Fiscal Year is October 1st - September 30th.