Instructions for General Provisions (Section II Terms & Conditions) or contracts that state "(current version as of Rev. 0 document date)":

  1. Look at the document date in the upper right corner of the first page of your Revision 0 (original) contract.
  2. Find the applicable Section II below: A) Scroll down to the applicable Section II category (ex. FP, TM, etc.), B) Compare your contract document date to the dates on the published versions in that category.
  3. The applicable version is the one having the most recent date of publication that still pre-dates your contract document date (i.e., the most current version that had been published at the time your contract was issued).

SF 6432-CI Commercial items

SF 6432-CL Commercial leases

SF 6432-CN Construction

SF 6432-CO Consulting

SF 6432-CR Cost Reimbursement Contracts

SF 6432-CS Commercial Services

SF 6432-EI Educational Institutions

SF 6432-FE Firm-Fixed Price ContractsOutside the United States of America

SF 6432-FP Firm-Fixed Price Contracts

SF 6432-IN International Commercial

SF 6432-LA Fixed Price Contracts ⁄ Renewable Energy Programs in Latin American Countries

SF 6432-NI Fixed Price Contracts ⁄ New Independent States of the Former Soviet Union

SF 6432-PO Purchase Orders

SF 6432-TM Time and Material or Labor Hour Contracts

SF 6432-RE Real Estate Leases

SF 6432-RT Services from Sandia Retirees