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FY2020 PAR Report

2020 Partnerships Annual Report Out Now
Highlights Sandia’s successes, partners, statistics, and accomplishments.

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COVID-19 Technical Assistance Program (CTAP and CTAP 2.0) Now Accepting Proposals 
Technical assistance to address public health and economic recovery related technical challenges. See more COVID-19 opportunities and resources

Now Accepting Applications for Up To $150,000 in Technical Assistance
The Technology Readiness Gross Receipts (TRGR) initiative provides New Mexico businesses the opportunity to work directly with scientists and engineers at Los Alamos or Sandia. Learn more about TRGR

Lab Innovation Networking Center (LINC) Hosts Two Info Sessions So Far in 2021
LINC provides a front door to partnering with the four national laboratories in the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn more about Bay Area Labs