Utqiagvik and Oliktok Point Arctic Research Facilities

In its role supporting the DOE Office of Science’s Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM program), Sandia currently manages two atmospheric facilities in the North Slope of Alaska.  One site is located near Utqiagvik (previously Barrow); the second at Oliktok Point on the USAF Long Range Radar Site.  The Utqiagvik and Oliktok Point facilities support instrumentation built specifically for the Arctic to obtain continuous measurements of clouds, aerosols, precipitation, energy, and other meteorological variables.  In addition to fixed instrumentation, moored balloons and small unmanned aircraft are used at Oliktok Point.  Each site consists of shelters containing instruments, communications, and data systems. 

Both sites are used by non-Sandia personnel conducting Office of Science-supported atmospheric research and can work with researchers from other institutions or programs.