aerial cable

Aerial Cable

This facility has 4 primary cable systems and can accommodate a variety testing, to include drops, high-impact, suspension and simulated free-flight.


Burn Site

This site hosts controlled fire environments to study, analyze and test various fuels, propellants and explosives.
drop tower

Drop Tower

The 185-foot Drop Tower provides a controlled environment in which to conduct crush, impact, accident and certification testing on both small and large items.

mobile guns

Mobile Gun Test Complex

The facility provides the unique capability of bringing the testing mechanism to the target. The Mobile Guns are a set of trailer-based guns that are designed for launching projectiles into in-situ targets.

thermal test

Thermal Test Complex

This $40-million complex (completed in 2005) offers several facilities with unique testing capabilities that help solve high-consequence problems in the areas of fire prevention, fire consequence analysis, and fire mitigation.
blast tube

Blast Tube

This explosively-driven facility can custom-build tubes in an array of configurations, to test units containing many different hazardous or energetic materials.


Our Centrifuge complex contains an outdoor 35-foot centrifuge, an indoor 29-foot centrifuge, and a smaller scale reconfigurable spin system – all of which simulate various controlled flight environments.
mechanical shock

Mechanical Shock

This is an indoor, temperature-controlled facility that has a pneumatic actuator-and-sled system and a 6-inch bore gas gun, which both conduct testing on a variety of articles (up to 10,000 lbs) at accelerations of up to 50,000 G.

Rocket Sled Track

The 10,000-foot sled track can test items at very high speeds, while the 2,000-foot sled track tests large items at more moderate speeds. Three explosive test pads also accommodate various explosives and rocket motor testing.

water impact

Water Impact

A 300-foot tower next to a 120-foot-wide lake, this facility provides a controlled environment for performing underwater, gravity-assisted drop, and high-velocity water impact testing.