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Hydrogen and Helium Isotopes in Materials (HHIM) Conference (Currently on hiatus)

Since 2004 this conference has brought together researchers throughout the world. Participants have come from Russia, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. Institutions have included governmental laboratories, private sector companies, and academic institutions.

The purpose of this bi-annual conference is to bring together the community of researchers interested in the behavior of helium in materials. The helium can be introduced in many ways, via tritium decay, nuclear reactions, or ionic implantation. Whether the scientific field is metal tritides for tritium storage or neutron generation, actinide science, or fusion first wall effects, how helium interacts with materials is of fundamental importance. The interaction of scientists from these different fields can provide a tremendous benefit, leveraging knowledge, expertise, models, and experimental results to advance the field.

Unfortunately, due to travel and budget restrictions, this conference is on hiatus. We hope to resume in the near future.

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Mike Eatough, Jim Knapp, and Barney doyle discuss a poster Peter Vajda, M.Y. Chou, Mark Rodriguez, Yan Wangand Greg Downing at the HHIM 2008 in Albuquerque, NM


Helium Bubbles in ErT2 (Snow, 2004)

Conference Organizers

Clark Snow
Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque, NM
(505) 845-9548

Jim Browning
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, TN
(865) 241-3905