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Requirements engineers typically must sift through large source documents to synthesize the basic thoughts from which requirements can be derived. It can take weeks or months to do this before requirements derivation can begin. Preserving traceability to source documents is crucial. While commercial tools can document the results of the requirements development process, a gap exists in tools designed to support the efficient synthesis and analysis of requirements themselves.

Sandia National Labs’ Tarjetas is a multi-user, real-time tool designed to meet this need. It enables users to efficiently distill requirements documents into useful categories and text snippets containing a singular concept. Users can identify requirements that support needed system capabilities. By efficiently identifying and combining requirements, Tarjetas helps users recognize needed capabilities. Finally, by breaking the source document into singular concepts, Tarjetas’ ability to ‘snippetize’ relevant data allows users to focus on tracing gaps and identifying inconsistencies with minimal effort.


Tarjetas (Spanish for ‘cards’) uses source document paragraphs as a starting point to create digital cards containing singular ideas. These cards can then be categorized and compiled to derive requirements and capabilities. Tarjetas enables a team of users to collaborate in real-time across multiple computers to engineer requirements in parallel.


Tarjetas offers three unique capabilities. First, it allows users to create appropriate categories and extract portions of convoluted source paragraphs into singular concepts. Second, it logically orders requirements and capabilities within those categories. This allows users to trace requirements through the snippets to the source documents, and to identify untraced gaps, redundancies, and conflicts. Finally, Tarjetas can automatically generate a formatted requirements document without significant technical writing engagement

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