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This series is intended to highlight the impact of statistics on engineering and physical science applications for National defense. This colloquium series is hosted by Sandia’s Statistical Sciences Department.  For more information on the colloquium series and upcoming talks, please contact Justin Newcomer.

Upcoming Talks


Past Talks Can be viewed here


  • Detection of Local Differences Between Two Spatiotemporal Random Fields” by Bo Li, Department of Statistics, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, June 10, 2019
  • “Statistics and the Evaluation of Forensic Evidence” by Alicia Carriquiry, Department of Statistics and Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence (CSAFE), Iowa State University, May 2, 2019
  • “Data-Driven Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students” by Mark Daniel Ward, Purdue University, January 14, 2019
  • “Bayesian Categorical Matrix Factorization via Double Feature Allocation” by Peter Mueller, University of Texas at Austin, October 8, 2018
  •  “Identifying and modeling Sources of Variation: It’s What Statisticians Do” by Jonathon Stallings, North Carolina State University, May 3, 2018.
  • "Spatio-Temporal Modelling using Integro-Difference Equations” by Bruno Sanso, University of California-Santa Cruz, March 29, 2018.
  • "Big (Networdk) Data: Challenges and Opportunities for Data Science" by Dr. Patrick J. Wolfe, Frederick L Hovde, Dean of Science and Miller Family Professor of Statistic, Wednesday February 28, 2018
  • "Definitive Screening Designs - What, Why, and How" by Dr. Bradley Jones, Principal Research Fellow in the JMP Division of SAS, Tuesday February 6, 2018
  • "Forsaking P-value-ism: Forming Tailored Confidence Intervals to Assess Incisive Research Questions", by Ralph O'Brien, Case Western Reserve University, January 25, 2018
  •  "Extending Impacts of Statistical Research though Collaborations", by Arman Sabbagh and Hao Zhang, Department of Statistics, Purdue University, September 21, 2017.
  •  "Statistical Geolocation on Riemannian Manifolds", by Justin Jacobs, Sandia National Laboratory in Livermore, California, June 27, 2017.
  • "Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) Image Segmentation" by Dr. James "Tory" Cobb, Naval Surface Warfare Center, August 22, 2016.
  • "Evaluation of Problems with Significant Epistemic Uncertainty using Belief/Plausibility" by John Darby, Sandia National Laboratories, June 30, 2016.
  • "Combining Information to Assess System Reliability" by Alyson Wilson, North Carolina State University, March 1, 2016.
  • "Emulators, shrinkage and Bayesian calibration – some recent application in NW engineering models" by Jaideep Ray, Sandia National Laboratories, February 10, 2016.
  • "Real-Time Anomaly Detection for Wide Area Surveillance" by Dr. Katherine Simonson, Sandia National Laboratories, October 20, 2015.
  • "Large Graphs and Lots of Data: Information Fusion in Practice" by David Marchette, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division, July 22, 2015.
  • "A Sampling of the Practice of Statistics at PNNL" by Landon Sego, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, May 4, 2015.
  • Science of Test: Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of DoD Test and Evaluation” by Laura Freeman, Institute for Defense Analyses, February 17, 2015.
  • Methods for Characterizing and Comparing Onionskin Curves” by Curt Storlie & Mike Fugate, Los Alamos National Laboratory, October 8, 2014.
  • A Unified View of Engineering Creep Parameters” by Daniel R. Eno, Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation, July 21, 2014.