Security News – 2017

Effective September. 8, 2017: Sandia Total Access Request Tool “START” A new and comprehensive clearance and badging application will be released.

*** Announcement – August 31, 2017 ***

The new online application, Sandia Total Access Request Tool “START” will be released to initiate clearance and badging requests at Sandia. To allow for transitioning, the Contractor Badge Request (CBR) application will be permanently deactivated on Sep. 1, and no clearance or badging requests will be processed September 1 through September 7.  All outstanding requests must be submitted via the CBR application no later than August 31st or postponed until September 8th via START.

START will require cyber access to the Sandia Restricted Network (SRN). Those without SRN access may be sponsored for it if their SNL representative wishes to do so.  Otherwise, an SNL contact must be engaged to submit START requests. 

More information and resources about START will be available soon. For updates and questions, contact Security Connection at 321 from a Sandia phone, 505-845-1321 from any phone, or email