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DEREK HART | SCIRE Coordinator

Derek has been key contributor to Sandia’s Emulytics community for 12 years, both as a technical staff member and a manager. As a staff member, he led design and development of SCEPTRE, which is Sandia’s toolset for creating OT/ICS Emulytics environments. Additionally, he led key interactions with government partners in DoD to push the state-of-the-art in Sandia’s emulation capabilities. In 2018, Derek transitioned into a management role and is a contributing member to Sandia’s labs-wide Emulytics Council. He still stewards Sandia’s SCEPTRE capability and has other capability responsibilities in the quantification of cyber resilience to better inform decisionmakers in all area of government about the robustness and survivability of key systems. Derek manages a varied portfolio of R&D work focused on improving all aspects of the Emulytics pipeline from data collection to system understanding to experimental setup and deployment. His current strategic thrust is to provide rigor and understanding of mission-informed cyber systems.

ALI PINAR | Sandia Chief Researcher

Ali is an expert in network analysis and graph mining at Sandia. He has over 80 publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings, including multiple paper awards. Pinar received an Individual Technical Excellence Award from Sandia and Distinguished Scientist award from Assoc. Computing Machinery (ACM). He currently serves on the editorial boards of Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) J. Scientific Computing, SIAM J., Mathematics of Data Science, SIAM News, and J. Complex Networks. He has initiated SIAM workshop series on Networks Science and serves as the chair of its steering committee. He was elected as the chair of SIAM activity group on Supercomputing for 2015-2016, and is currently serving as chair of SIAM activity group on Data Mining and Analytics.

DANIEL MAYES | Communications and Partnerships

Daniel leads partnerships and business development for enterprise cyber security and mission computing at Sandia as well as the Emulytics portfolio, managing both external outreach and internal program strategy. His background and education are centered around technology entrepreneurship, including graduating Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University and multiple years supporting the development of key modernization programs for various Sandia mission areas. His professional pedigree also includes roles in both startups and corporate management.