BATS Shakedown Test, WIPP Underground E-140 (2018-2019)


Boreholes before installation of shakedown test in 2017

Gallery-image-2.jpg Borehole before inserting packer
Gallery-image-3.jpg Inserting packer into borehole
Gallery-image-4.jpg SNL, LANL and DOE-NE visiting shakedown test, Oct 2018

DOE-NE visit to shakedown test, Oct 2018

Gallery-image-6.jpg SNL, LANL and WIPP TCO team members at packer and heater installation

WIPP TCO grouting electrodes

Gallery-image-8.jpg Overview of shakedown test site in 2018
Gallery-image-9.jpg LBNL team member performing shakedown ERT demonstration

BATS Test, WIPP Underground

N-940 (2019-2020)

Gallery-image-10.jpg Heated BATS array Dec 2019
Gallery-image-11.jpg WIPP TCO making final adjustments
Gallery-image-12.jpg LBNL, SNL, LANL, and WIPP TCO team members Dec 2019
Gallery-image-13.jpg Drilling BATS boreholes E-940, Feb 2019
Gallery-image-14.jpg E-940 drift before beginning drilling BATS boreholes
Gallery-image-15.jpg Heated SL borehole immediately after drilling
Gallery-image-16.jpg WIPP TCO getting ready to start drilling BATS boreholes
Gallery-image-17.jpg LANL team members with gas plumbing
Gallery-image-18.jpg SNL and LANL team members with heater and borehole closure gauge
Gallery-image-19.jpg LBNL team member with ERT system
Gallery-image-20.jpg LANL and SNL team members with brine samples
Gallery-image-21.jpg WIPP TCO inserting cement seal into SL borehole
Gallery-image-22.jpg Viewing BATS test from other side of N-540 intersection
Gallery-image-23.jpg Borehole showing near-drift open fractures
Gallery-image-24.jpg First core collected in BATS borehole, Feb 2019

BATS surface images

Gallery-image-25.jpg Ready to go underground on salt-handling shaft
Gallery-image-26.jpg Entrance to WIPP site
Gallery-image-27.jpg SNL and DOE-NE visit to BATS, Oct 2019
Gallery-image-28.JPG SEM image of halite from precipitated WIPP brine at 50 C (Kuhlman et al., 2018)
Gallery-image-29.JPG SEM image of halite from precipitated WIPP brine at 75 C (Kuhlman et al., 2018)
Gallery-image-30.jpg SEM image of intergranular fluid inclusions in reconsolidated granular salt
Gallery-image-31.jpg Sectioned sample of salt concrete used in seal test
Gallery-image-32.jpg Creation of salt cement plugs
Gallery-image-33.jpg Transmitted light microscope image of intragranular fluid inclusions (Kuhlman et al., 2020)